Beat The ‘Brexit Blues’ With Essential Oils!

Beat the 'Brexit blues' with essential oils At the time of my writing this article, it is only 59 days since we were all celebrating the arrival of the New Year with parties and extravagant fireworks displays. But already, many of us feel like it was a very long time ago!

Keeping a cheerful outlook throughout the drudgery of winter can be a struggle at the best of times, but even worse than this is the constant carping in the media about Brexit!

It seems every time you turn on the television or radio they are droning on about the battle to get a deal, and whether we’re going to leave Europe without one. Talk about depressing!

Although these are definitely the most uncertain of times, I don’t think that reading about it in the papers and hearing it on the news 24/7 is really helping anybody. Quite the opposite. So I prefer to keep a more positive outlook on things, and have adopted the wise old saying, ‘As you think, so shall it be’ as my mantra. Whether you choose to believe this adage or not, it’s a fact that medical research has proven conclusively that a positive attitude can exert a powerful influence on the body, and this can be put to great effect when recovering from serious illness or injury. I’m willing to bet that it can help us through Brexit too.

Mind over matter

Holding negative thoughts for long periods can have a seriously detrimental effect on our general health and wellbeing – as well as pulling down everyone around us! Worrying about the loss of jobs, hard borders, disruption to imports, and a whole raft of financial implications if we exit without a deal can lead to a wide range of physical ailments. Aching muscles in the neck, shoulder and back, digestive disturbances, allergies, headaches, insomnia, panic attacks, and eventually even heart problems can all be attributed to such worry and stress.

Although talking to friends and family about your fears can be supportive, there are plenty of other things that you can do to help cope with the uncertainty that leaving Europe causes. So get your essential oils out and let’s start using them to help take your mind off everything and bring you some peace and tranquillity

Balancing and calming

Negative attitudes sneak in stealthily like a thief to steal our dreams and aspirations, continually undermining confidence, determination and willpower, finally robbing us of our stamina. We need stamina and willpower to help focus and drive us toward the accomplishment of our dreams and goals in life, and self-doubt can quickly drain this vital asset. Don’t let this happen to you.

Bergamot essential oil can help bolster determination and willpower whilst driving out negativity and indecision, so this is a great oil to uplift the spirits and fight the Brexit blues. Another really useful essential oil is geranium which balances and calms emotions, dissolves frustration and irritability and helps us to become more centered. Best of all, these two oils blend together perfectly.

Take control

During times of uncertainty it’s only natural to be a little anxious or fearful about what the future might bring, and of course than can quickly escalate to become serious stress, since you feel you have no control over the events in your life. Let’s face it – there’s nothing that we can do about the global fall-out that’s ahead of us all, so there’s nothing to be gained from making yourself sick with worry about it either.

Should you find yourself dwelling on things that are outside of your control, essential oils of cedarwood atlas, cypress, frankincense, palmarosa, rose and ylang ylang can all help to relieve anxiety and restore balance to the troubled mind. You can’t change the unintended consequences of leaving the E.U., but you can improve your attitude and develop a ‘coping strategy’ to deal with events.

You may already be experiencing feelings of insecurity due to the unwelcome changes that are entering your life, so if this is the case try jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver since they are the ideal essential oils to help instil more confidence. As soon as you begin to feel stronger within yourself you will be able to take control of things once more.

Get quality sleep

Inevitably, if you are worrying about your finances you may have trouble getting to sleep. If this is the case, take a warm bath before retiring to which you have added 2 drops of geranium, 2 drops of sandalwood and 1 drop of bergamot. The divine fragrance is soothing and relaxing and will really help calm down your thoughts, ready for a good night’s sleep.

Next, light up your burner in the bedroom and try a blend of sandalwood, bergamot and clary sage essential oils which will quickly have you drifting into the arms of Morpheus. This is one of the most powerful relaxant blends that has worked consistently over the years with clients I have treated who were suffering from insomnia.

Be sure to start your vaporizer 5 minutes before you are ready for bed to fill the air with the wonderful relaxing aroma, and then top it up as you get into bed and you’ll be sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Ideally you should use an electric vaporizer for this purpose since it can be left safely working all night.

The essential oils mentioned in this article can really elevate your mood and help you cope better with the worry of the approaching uncertainty caused by Brexit. By using the correct essential oils, a tremendous peace, strength and courage can be instilled that leads us to a quiet state where simple solutions can often be found to what were seen as complicated problems.

Use your essential oils in as many ways as you can to remain positive during these troubling times, and hold in your mind the thought that eventually, all things must pass.

Even Brexit.

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Did you know?

Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises are all techniques that can be used together with essential oils to help you remain calm, positive and focused during troubled times.

When anxious and stressed, solutions to our problems often seem to totally evade us.

However, once you enter a relaxed state your mind will begin to clear and be more open to your intuitive, higher self.

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Supportive oils

Here are some of the best supportive essential oils to help maintain a positive outlook during challenging times;-

• Bergamot
• Frankincense
• Geranium
• Helichrysum
• Juniper Berry
• Laurel Leaf
• Neroli
• Orange Sweet
• Palmarosa
• Patchouli
• Pine
• Rose
• Vetiver

Mind your thoughts

Don't let the Brexit get you down!

The thoughts and beliefs you hold about yourself control your financial, personal and relational future.

The way that you think, and the words that you speak about your aspirations, your dreams, and your ability to accomplish them, actually influences whether you will ever accomplish your desires.

Positive thinking really does shape your future.