Essential Oils To Overcome A Lack Of Motivation

Essential oils to help a lack of motivation due to coronavirusThere is a lot of talk in the media and on the internet about how life will never be the same again once coronavirus lockdown is completely lifted.

Some of what is being said is probably correct, but right now we can’t be sure what predictions will turn out to be true or false.

Either way, none of these prophesies will manifest until we have all actually got ourselves back into some sort of a regular daily routine, which is not going to be easy. There will be many challenges settling into the ‘new normal’ as the media likes to call it, and it will be especially difficult for those who find themselves unemployed due to no fault of their own.

It seems that one of the biggest hurdles for many people trying to get back to some sort of normality is getting over a lack of motivation and general feeling of lethargy. Many people are reporting a real dread of going outdoors and back to work every day, fearing they may succumb to the virus. This lack of confidence and motivation in combination with low energy levels will make the long journey back to normality that much more difficult without some support.

Feeling disillusioned

These reports are precisely in line with the 3 stages of recovery as described by psychiatrists. Stage 1 is known as the ‘heroic’ phase, where everyone pulls together to tackle a crisis. That’s where the whole ‘we’re all in this together’ sort of mentality comes from.

Having survived phase 1 we are now experiencing the 2nd phase of recovery known as the ‘disillusioned’ phase. This is where many people find themselves exhausted and downhearted after enduring 16 weeks of enforced isolation and serious disruption in their lives. Now that we can finally get out of the house a bit more and reconnect with the human race, many people feel they are simply too tired and lack the willpower to be bothered! When you lack motivation and enthusiasm, getting anything done will feel like an uphill battle.

So if you are finding it difficult to get enthusiastic about getting back to your daily routine and lack the energy, you are definitely not alone. What you need right now is something to help shake off the past 4 months of lockdown and rejuvenate yourself for the challenges of the ‘new normal’. And your trusty essential oils can help support you in this quest for normality.

Mood Enhancers

The science bit

Scientists are now of the opinion that all of our emotions are the result of neurochemicals such as serotonin and noradrenaline being released into the bloodstream, eventually reaching the brain. Noradrenaline (also known as norepinephrine) helps mobilize the brain in readiness for action, increasing energy levels, mental focus and attentiveness, while serotonin regulates your mood and feelings of anxiety. It’s easy to see why these neurochemicals are vital our wellbeing.

When levels of these neurotransmitters falls below a certain level, mood swings, depression and lethargy can begin to take hold, making it hard to break out of this negative state. To break free of this emotional exhaustion you need to rebalance this important brain chemistry in a safe and natural way without resorting to drugs.

Countless scientific studies and research has proven that essential oils have an influence on the Limbic System in the brain, which is the area that regulates the brains chemistry responsible for controlling our emotions. This action explains how the simple act of inhaling essential oils can influence our moods and actually work to rebalance the emotional system when we are feeling down, apprehensive, and have lost our usual zest for life. They can be use to improve a lack of motivation too.

Essential oils to energise and motivate

There are several essential oil that aromatherapists use regularly to help increase energy, stamina and general enthusiasm for life. For the most effective treatment we should use the essential oils that have both an energising action on the body – plus an uplifting effect on the mind. Thankfully there a several essential oils that meet this precise requirement for us to choose from, and when they are blended in combination they can become even more effective. These oils will help you get over the lack of motivation that remains after 16 weeks of lockdown living.

Bergamot essential oil
This oil has long been recognised for having an uplifting and balancing effect on the nervous system. Its refreshing and uplifting action is perfect for combating negative emotions strengthening determination and willpower. Bergamot essential oil has the ability to calm down anxiety and agitation on the one hand, while being uplifting and reviving to the spirit on the other. Its uplifting action is effective in combating insecurity, grief and negative emotions, plus it’s also very helpful easing anxiety and stress.

Frankincense essential oil
Frankincense is great for restoring calm and quietness to mind and body. It is a powerfully relaxing essential oil that helps promote deep breathing and can help reduce the negativity and anxious thoughts that seem to plague us when we are feeling down. As soon as any such feelings start to creep into your mind, use frankincense essential oil in your vaporiser or burner, breathe deeply, and you should find those negative emotions soon drift away.

Geranium essential oil
This is the first essential oil to use when things are out of balance emotionally. Geranium essential oil calms roller-coaster emotions while helping to dispel frustration and irritability. It also smells gorgeous and blends very easily with all other essential oils. Blending geranium with frankincense and grapefruit produces a powerful synergy that both uplifts and helps increase motivation.

Grapefruit essential oil
On the emotional system grapefruit excels with a cleansing and balancing effect that really lifts the spirits if you’re feeling down or suffering for nervous exhaustion and depressive states. Blend grapefruit with basil essential oil to help strengthen your resolve and determination.

Patchouli essential oil
This essential oil also helps to ease worry and anxiety. On the emotional system it has a stabilizing, grounding action that combats negative emotions such as excessive mental activity, insecurity and general mood swings. Patchouli essential oil has a balancing effect similar to geranium, and is often used by aromatherapists to combat lethargy and tiredness.

Other rejuvenating and energising essential oils aromas include black pepper, cardamom, may chang, peppermint, pine, rosemary and spearmint. All the essential oils listed above can be added to a nice warm bath, used in a diffuser or vaporiser, or diluted in a carrier oil for a soothing and relaxing massage. When using peppermint or spearmint in a bath use no more than 2 drops, and be sure to agitate the water really well and use a Bath Dispersant to dissolve the oils safely into the water to avoid irritating your skin.

How to use the essential oils

Using essential oils in a body massage is the best method for re-energizing the body, as this gives you the benefits of the essential oils plus the massaging movements which stimulates the lymphatic system and blood flow. If you can’t have a massage simply add a few drops of your chosen essential oils to a vaporiser or burner, or add 6 to 8 drops to a warm bath and agitate the water well before stepping in.

Negative attitudes can undermine our confidence, determination and willpower, eventually robbing us of our stamina. And we need stamina and willpower to help focus and drive us back to some sense of normality during this endless coronavirus epidemic. You can’t undo the devastating effects this virus has had on your life, but you can improve your mental attitude and develop a ‘coping strategy’ to deal with all the devastating change it has brought to the world.

During times of upheaval it’s reassuring to hold onto something stable that will remain constant, no matter what happens next in your life. Essential oils are a natural resource that can be absolutely relied on to help us through periods of instability and upheaval in our lives. They help to bring you stability, and can lift your spirits and energy levels and bring some sense of normality and enjoyment back in your life.

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Did you know?

Generally speaking, all citrus essential oils have a cheering and uplifting action on the emotions as well as an uplifting and energising action on the body.

Floral oils work on the more subtle energies to help to fight feelings of sadness, despair, or even the anger caused by all the disruption brought about by coronavirus!

The power of aroma

Smelling essential oils affects your moods

Essential oils have a powerful effect on both the hypothalamus and pituitary gland located in the brain, which are stimulated to produce neurochemicals and hormones.

These natural chemicals produced by the body balance and regulate various systems such as the endocrine, immune, and nervous system.

Hormones are like chemical messengers that target specific cells in the body, and their arrival in those cells will trigger a particular response.

Therefore, when we inhale an essential oil with sedating or stimulating properties it will produce a response in the appropriate system, and sometimes in several systems simultaneously.

Strengthening essential oils

Enjoy your essential oils in a bath

Here's the complete list of the essential oils mentioned in this article - plus a few more - to help restore your motivation and promote a positive mental outlook.

Use these oils in as many different ways as possible while you are working to get some stability and normality back in your daily life after COVID-19 lockdown.

Choose a blend of 2 or 3 of these essential oils and add them to a bath, use them in your vaporizer, or enjoy them in a nice relaxing massage.

Be sure to use a bath dispersant to spread the essential oils evenly on the surface of the water before stepping into a bath.

• Bergamot
• Black Pepper
• Cardamon
• Frankincense
• Geranium
• Grapefruit
• Helichrysum
• Juniper Berry
• Laurel Leaf
• May Chang
• Neroli
• Orange Sweet
• Palmarosa
• Patchouli
• Peppermint
• Pine
• Rose
• Spearmint
• Vetiver

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