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The Vital Importance Of Carrier Oils In Aromatherapy

Carrier oils are vital in aromatherapy, but are often undervalued. Discover why they are so valuable and the different ways they can be used . . .

Aromatherapy For Stress Headaches

Stress headaches can strike any time, so find out how aromatherapy can help to ease the misery and get you back on track again

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6 Essential Oils To Help Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is fast becoming a common health condition – discover the very best essential oils to help ease symptoms . . . the natural way

Essential Oils For An Aromatherapy Detox

An aromatherapy detox is the easiest – and most pleasurable way to cleanse your body of those nasty toxins . . .

Aromatherapy Support For Spring Allergies

Spring allergy season can be a miserable time for many people. Discover easy ways to use your essential oils to get some effective relief . . .

Empowering Essential Oils For Personal Transformation

When an unexpected change in life hits you it can be stressful, but empowering essential oils help with the transformation you need to make

5 Essential Oils To Energise Your Mind & Body

Winter’s behind us now, but you may have been left worn-out by the experience! Here are 5 essential oils to re-energise you in preparation of summer . . .

Aromatherapy Tips To Help Spring-Clean Your Health

Spring-clean your health as well as your house with aromatherapy to help you the make changes to put you on the path to better health

Aromatherapy – The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

Aromatherapy products are the ultimate Mother’s Day gift your mum will never forget, easily outlasting chocolates and flowers! Here’s why . . .

Anti-Viral Essential Oils For Coughs And Colds

Antiviral essential oils can help bring relief to coughs and colds using a gentle and natural approach, plus they help prevent the spread of further infection . . .