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Artery Awareness – A Matter of Life and Limb

More lives are lost from artery and heart disease each year than chronic lower respiratory disease and all forms of cancer combined . . .

Only One Pill A Month? Breakthrough May Reinvent Medicine

Science is getting very close to producing a single pill that would deliver a week or month’s worth of medicine . . .


Choosing The Right Form Of Meditation

Meditation is known to promote relaxation and mental wellbeing, but research suggests if you don’t use the right form of meditation you may not get the results you want . . .

Research: Vitamin D Plays An Important Role In Immune Health

Vitamin D is known for helping with bone health, but its benefits extend beyond that. Due to its positive effects on the respiratory and immune systems, more than 100 clinical trials have been conducted since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to look for links between vitamin D and COVID-19. Higher blood levels of vitamin […]

New Blood Test Screens Over 50 Different Cancers

A groundbreaking new blood test that can detect over 50 types of cancer means people get a diagnosis sooner which can save lives . . .

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Study: Pistachios Found To Be A Complete Protein

A new University of Illinois study reveals U.S.-grown roasted pistachios meet the generally accepted definition of a complete protein for people over 5 years of age. This means pistachios now join the ranks of a small number of plant proteins — including quinoa, chickpeas and soybeans — that have become popular animal protein alternatives among […]

The Power Of Sound For Beating Stress

We know that aromatherapy and meditation can help ease stress, but science is now proving that sounds and music can also benefit this condition, especially when combined . . .

Medical Innovations Poised To Transform Healthcare In 2021

Healthcare experts are continuously developing new innovations to save lives, and this year there are exciting new treatments and diagnostic tools coming . . .

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Taking NSAIDs For Arthritis Pain Relief? Make Sure You Know The Risks

If you take NSAID’s for arthritis check with your doctor to see if you need to take medicine to protect your stomach

Sweet Relief – 4 Reasons To Reach For Cherries When Stressed

Stress is a common part of anyone’s life, and individuals have long sought natural remedies to alleviate it. Surveys have shown that Americans are turning to plant-based diets for reasons such as improving overall well-being and mood, and with good reason. Many fruits and vegetables contain specific wellness-boosting properties, with the cream of the crop […]