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5 Surprising Facts About Beef And Sustainability

Beef is a staple in cuisines worldwide, valued for its flavor and nutrition. However, recent conversations about sustainability and the beef industry’s commitment to continued improvement have led to research on the issue — which has only served to demonstrate that the beef industry does in fact employ sustainability practices throughout each stage of the […]

Essential Oils And Cosmetics: A Match Made In Heaven?

Using essential oils in cosmetics is not only good for your skin, but it makes sense for many other reasons such as encouraging conservation and ethical trading . . .

Summer sustainability: Simple ways to make your backyard more eco-friendly

Summer sustainability: Simple ways to make your backyard more eco-friendly


Pine Essential Oil Limits Climate Change

Research published recently in the journal Nature revealed how minute particles of essential oils released from forests of pine trees acts as a protection against climate change . . .

Diesel Fumes Disrupts Honey Bees Sense Of Smell

Honeybee workers use smell to recognize the species they collect nectar from, so the fact that air pollution disrupts their sense of smell is extremely worrying. Not only are honey bees vital for the production of honey, but they also help to pollinate plants whilst they are foraging. If bees are unable to locate plants […]


New Plant Discovered In Fiji

A new flowering plant belonging to the Medinilla plant group has been discovered on the island of Kadavu in Fiji . . .

Lavender Field Day

Tasmania is poised to take advantage of lavender woes in France. A lavender trial crop in the Central Highlands points to a bold new . . .

Frankincense Tree Faces Uncertain Future

A species of frankincense tree faces an uncertain future, according to researchers. Ecologists have warned that the production of its fragrant resin could decline by half over the next 15 years . . .

Worlds Worst Toxic Pollution Problems 2011

A new report released in November by New York-based Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland identifies the top ten toxic pollution problems and sources. The report also calculates, for the first time, the health impacts of toxic sites.

Preserving The East African Greenheart

Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) member Yvonne Otieno recently interviewed Dr. Alice Muchugi about Warburgia ugandensis, an important medicinal tree species. Warburgia ugandensis is commonly known as East African greenheart and is an important medicinal tree species found throughout East Africa used to treat numerous human and livestock diseases.