Mind & Body

Hydrosols – What They Are And How To Use Them

Hydrosols are safe, ‘ready to use’ aromatherapy products that can be used to care for the skin and revive and refresh flagging energy levels . . .

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Essential Oils To Help Keep Your Spirits Up!

Use your essential oils to keep your spirits up during the pandemic! The end is in sight and your oils will help support you through to the finishing line . . .

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Five Essential Oils For Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety is fast becoming a common health condition in the wake of Covid-19 – discover which essential oils can help reduce the symptoms the natural way . . .

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Essential Oils For Winter Wellbeing

Discover how essential oils can keep you warm, healthy and happy throughout the chilly and gloomy winter months . . .

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Beauty Tips

Essential Oils To Reverse Hair Loss

Usually when people think about the subject of hair loss, they tend to just have men in mind. However, there are plenty of women who suffer from hair loss too . . .

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The Natural Beauty Revolution

Natural beauty is fast becoming the ideal look as women rebel against old ideas of glamour. To become a natural beauty revolutionary just change your lifestyle and enjoy better health too . . .

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Rejuvenating Carrier Oils For Spring Renewal

Aromatherapy carrier oils can be used as the most natural and effective way to protect and renew your skin all year round. Here’s how . . .

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The Importance Of Cleansing, Toning And Moisturizing

To have truly beautiful skin you must practice a regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine. Here are some aromatherapy tips to help you look your best all year round . . .

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Essential Oil Profiles

Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus globulus essential oil is extremely versatile with powerful antibacterial oil. Discover more about its history and many uses in aromatherapy . . .

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German Chamomile Essential Oil

German chamomile essential oil is derived from a medicinal plant that has truly stood the test of time during 2,000 years of medical use. Discover the history and uses of this versatile oil . . .

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Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil is obtained from the rind of the fruit, and it is a the most commercially important of the citrus oils. Learn how you can use it in aromatherapy . . .

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Thyme Sweet Essential Oil

Learn about the properties, history and many uses of Sweet thyme essential oil in aromatherapy . . .

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Healthy Living

Vitamin A Can Keep You Looking Younger

Discover the benefit to your skin and overall health by making sure you get enough vitamin A in your regular diet

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Springtime Aromatherapy In Your Home

Discover how to use your essential oils to create a wonderful energizing springtime aroma around the house. It’s easier than you think if you follow these easy to use tips . . .

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Is Your Diet Aging You?

Did you look in the mirror this morning and think, “Wow, I look great?” Or instead, did you glance in the glass and think, “When did I get so old?” If it was the latter . . .

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3 Tips To Refresh Your Home And Your Spirit This Spring

Refresh your home and your flagging spirits this spring with these 3 simple and easy tips . . .

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