Mind & Body

The Vital Importance Of Carrier Oils In Aromatherapy

Carrier oils are vital in aromatherapy, but are often undervalued. Discover why they are so valuable and the different ways they can be used . . .

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Aromatherapy For Stress Headaches

Stress headaches can strike any time, so find out how aromatherapy can help to ease the misery and get you back on track again

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6 Essential Oils To Help Ease Anxiety

Anxiety is fast becoming a common health condition – discover the very best essential oils to help ease symptoms . . . the natural way

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Essential Oils For An Aromatherapy Detox

An aromatherapy detox is the easiest – and most pleasurable way to cleanse your body of those nasty toxins . . .

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Beauty Tips

How To Revitalise Tired Skin With An Aromatherapy Serum

Re-awaken your tired skin with a powerful aromatherapy facial serum that you can make for yourself at home – for much less than shop prices

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DIY Aromatherapy Spa & Beauty Day At Home

You can easily enjoy a luxurious spa experience at home – and save a fortune – by testing our expert DIY tips using your aromatherapy products

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Essential Oils To Repair And Revive Your Winter-Damaged Hair

At the end of winter you often end up with dry, frizzy hair and lots split ends. Discover how to fix your winter damaged hair effectively with essential oils

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Aromatherapy Rescue For Dry Winter Hands

The harsh winter weather gives your hands a real beating, often leaving them dry and sore. Discover how to revitalize them the aromatherapy way . . .

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Essential Oil Profiles

The Benefits of Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

Sweet Marjoram essential oil is antimicrobial, relaxing and antispasmodic, and offers a wide range of benefits. Learn about the history, properties and many uses in aromatherapy . . .

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Basil Sweet Essential Oil Profile

The sweet and refreshing aroma of basil essential oil is familiar to most people – learn about its history, therapeutic properties and many benefits

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Elemi Essential Oil Profile

Discover the properties, history and many uses of Elemi essential oil in aromatherapy. There’s more to this oil than you might think . . .

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Thyme Essential Oil Profile

Thyme essential oil is obtained from the aromatic herb that has been used in medicine for thousands of years. Discover its secrets, history, properties and many uses in aromatherapy . . .

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Healthy Living

Common Dieting Myths Revealed

If you intended to start a diet but hesitated because of things you’ve heard – read this article to discover some misleading myths that could prevent your dieting success . . .

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The Beauty Of British Spring Flowers

As spring arrives, the countryside of the United Kingdom awakens from its sleep and becomes alive with the color of common spring flowers, many of which have a long history . . .

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4 Tips For Upgrading Your Health And Wellness Routine

Check out these top tips for upgrading your health and wellness routines from a board-certified primary care physician

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The Importance Of Antioxidants In Your Diet

Antioxidants are the natural components found in certain foods that help neutralise the damaging free radicals in our bodies. Discover how to ensure you get sufficient antioxidants foods in your diet . . .

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