Mind & Body

Aromatherapy Tips For Winter Lockdown Living

As we enter the 3rd and probably longest Covid lockdown yet you’ll need all the help you can get to survive it! Fortunately, essential oils can help . . .

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Survive Lockdown Living With Aromatherapy Baths

Faced with yet another long lockdown you need and deserve all the help you can get to survive the stress! Aromatherapy baths to the rescue . . .

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Essential Oils For A Happy & Stress Free Christmas

There’s no doubt – Xmas can be stressful! This year, you and the whole family can enjoy a a stress-free and happy Christmas – just by using your essential oils creatively . . .

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How To Choose Carrier Oils

Knowing how to choose the right carrier oils can be bewildering for newcomers to aromatherapy, because specialist suppliers usually offer such a wide range of them . . .

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Beauty Tips

Top Tips For Spot-Free Skin

Here are a few simple tips you can use to help keep your skin spot-free without having to resort to harsh, chemical-laden medications. Your essential oils plus a little common sense will do the trick . . .

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Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

If your skin has lost it’s youthful glow then these all-natural skincare tips can help! A few changes can help restore a vibrant complexion . . .

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Quick Fix Beauty Tricks

Few people roll out of bed looking fresh and ready to face the day. For most of us there needs to be a degree of primping and preening, which all takes time (precious minutes that you’d probably rather spend in bed). When you’re fighting the clock you need to develop a beauty routine that helps […]

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Natural Beauty – More Women Are Turning To Chemical-free Cosmetics

More women are turning away from chemically based cosmetics and towards narural skin care to avoid . . .

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Essential Oil Profiles

Thyme Sweet Essential Oil

Learn about the properties, history and many uses of Sweet thyme essential oil in aromatherapy . . .

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Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense essential oil is obtained from the hardened oleo-gum resin collected from Boswellia carterii or related species found in the Boswellia family. The genus Boswellia comprises of approximately 23 species, but . . .

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Niaouli Essential Oil

Niaouli essential oil is obtained from the tree of the same name and is finally being recognised for its powerful healing properties. Learn about its history, benefits and many uses . . .

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Cedar Atlas Essential Oil

Cedar atlas essential oil is derived from the trunk and branches and lays claim to a notable piece of history. Learn more about its history and uses in aromatherapy . . .

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Healthy Living

5 Steps For Better Health In 2021 – From A Registered Dietician

The New Year always spurs a renewal of personal goals, whether you make resolutions or not. The blank slate of a new calendar year offers a sense of possibilities for making the next year great — and health goals usually top the list. If you’re looking to put health first, who better to turn to […]

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Aromas For A Truly Festive Feeling This Christmas

Aromas can really help you get in the festive spirit this December. Discover how to enjoy the best Christmas ever using your essential oils to create the perfect atmosphere for all occasions . . .

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Make Time For Meditation

Meditation offers tremendous health benefits, but people who need it most are often those with the least amount of time. But you don’t need to spend very long practicing to gain all the benefits . . .

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5 Affordable Anti-Aging Skincare Tips From A Celebrity Dermatologist

With all the changes that have occurred this year, it’s not surprising that women everywhere have been reassessing their skincare routines. Spending more time at home has spurred a focus on overall skin health and rituals to smooth out lines and wrinkles — and they want convenient solutions that get the job done but don’t […]

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