Organic Essential Oils Are Not All Equal

Not all organic essential oils are equalEssential oils are the delicate and volatile oils extracted from a plant’s root, bark, seed, fruit, leaf, or flower. The oils are considered the life-force in every living plant – the soul or essence of the plant. Their properties are so powerful and subtle that they will pass easily through all cell membranes and can permeate the body in a short time.

Each of the oils has a distinctive aroma, popularly used in Aromatherapy for therapeutic and often curative effects. You can use quality essential oils or organic essential oils alone or mix them synergistically into essential oil blends. For the greatest absorption, it is important to obtain the highest quality essential oils. You will be able to tell the difference between a quality oil and one that is sapped of its properties.

A pure organic essential oils exudes unmistakable degrees of aroma, color, taste, and therapeutic effect. When properly extracted from the plant, the volatile properties of the oils are so strong you will often have to dilute them. Since the skin absorbs the oils so readily, many essential oils can be applied directly onto the skin with beneficial effects, but some oils can be too caustic, so be careful.

The bottom of the foot, with its large pores and many nerve endings, is especially receptive to absorbing essential oils throughout the body. bulk organic essential oils are practical for using to circulate through the air with special diffusers or with candles. Or you can dilute oils in other carrier oils for massage or other cosmetic preparations. How ever you choose to apply them-whether used alone or mixed in pure organic essential oil blends-quality essential oils have known effects for increasing emotional and physical well-being.

The Power of Pure Organic Essential Oil Blends

Certain essential oils can be combined to create a synergy of all their properties to amplify their power. For instance, essential oil blends made from eucalyptus, lavender flower, cedarwood and other oils is used to help revive the lungs and respiratory system. The blend will more powerfully soothe and clear tissues and membranes. Another combination of tangerine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang and other oils promotes a euphoric and aphrodisiac effect, along with an opening in the area of the heart.

Bulk organic essential oils are ideal for making your own essential oil blends to use over time, or for using separate. You can also purchase blends from quality vendors who are expert at blending oils. Quality is what matters when it comes choosing essential oils.

Ensuring the Best Quality Organic Essential Oils

Whether you buy certified bulk organic essential oils or oils sourced from environmentally conscious growers, what matters is obtaining superior quality that is 100% pure and natural. The best essential oils should be extracted only from the finest plants and then properly processed without adulteration or dilution. When purchased commercially, they should be laboratory tested for purity.

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Did you know?

Quality and purity are not the same thing.

Quality is determined by the variety of the plant, the agricultural methods used to grow it, the quality of the soil it was grown in, and expertise required to extract the oil.

Purity is the absence of adulteration or dilution in the oil.