Creating The Perfect Aromatherapy Christmas Present

How to make the perfect aromatherapy Chrismas box for a loved oneAn aromatherapy kit, filled with everything someone would need to relax and pamper is a unique, memorable and perfect Christmas gift for a loved one.

But if you’re not an aromatherapy buff yourself, it can be hard to know what to include to make it the complete aromatherapy Christmas box.

Of course, the contents may vary depending on the experience level of the recipient, but there are several things anyone would definitely enjoy. It’s certainly not hard to see how an aromatherapy kit could be the ideal Christmas box for someone you care about!

Warming, relaxing essential oils

When it’s freezing cold outside, there’s nothing better than turning the inside of your home into a welcoming and cosy oasis. Warming aromas are perfect for this job and will give any household a wonderfully festive touch during this very special time of year.

Ginger essential oil has a warm, full-bodied aroma and is known for bringing a welcome warm glow to both the mind and body. Essential oils of cinnamon leaf, clove bud, and nutmeg are also a must for a Christmas box since they all have spicy, stimulating, Christmassy fragrance.

When collecting essential oils for the perfect Christmas box, it also pays to add a few favourites too, such as lavender, roman chamomile and geranium essential oil. These are highly versatile essential oils that can be used for lots of things, in lots of ways.

Carrier oils and lotions

To use essential oils on the skin, you’ll need carrier oils or lotions to dilute the essential oil because they are too strong neat. Opt for popular carrier oils like sweet almond, coconut, or jojoba, since they have lots of beauty uses too. If you want something a little more exotic, choose argan oil which is just the most fabulous facial oil ever!

You could also include a natural, light moisturising lotion to give your gift recipient a choice between a carrier oil or lotion. Some people prefer to use lotions but to really practice aromatherapy properly, carrier oil is an absolute must.


Candles are a really popular way to enjoy aromatherapy and are also absolutely brilliant for creating a soothing and relaxing mood. Pillar candles can make great ornaments too, so be sure to add one of these to your aromatherapy kit.


Sound is incredibly powerful. It can relax or stimulate the mind and it’s an important part of mindfulness meditation, yoga and pilates. Health studies have shown how stress can be beaten with the power of sound and relaxing music.

There are plenty of relaxing music CDs available that are specially produced to take the aromatherapy experience to the next level, so to help your loved one really chill out, find a mix of the perfect relaxing sounds that were designed for the job.

A good book

If you’re loved one is relatively new to aromatherapy or is just eager to learn more, a book on the discipline is a nice addition to a Christmas box. Find a book that delves into the practice of aromatherapy itself or find something to compliment the practice, such as a guide to meditation, yoga, or simply how to live a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Aromatherapy accessories

Quite often, newcomers to aromatherapy don’t yet have a burner or diffuser, or even somewhere to store their oils. These items are the icing on the cake for the perfect Christmas box. You obviously need to look at your budget, because while ceramic burners are extremely cheap, a good quality diffuser can be a bit more costly. As always though, you get what you pay for.

A good quality, hand-made wooden aromatherapy storage box for essential oils is actually a perfect gift in itself since apart from keeping the oils tidy it helps to protect and extend the life of the oils too. An attractive wooden aromatherapy storage box really does fit the definition of the ‘perfect Christmas box’!

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