Bliss CD

From £12.99

Artist - Stephen Rhodes

Take time to relax in your oasis with a warm bubbly bath whilst playing this beautiful instrumental music of peace and quiet reflection.

Listening to this music brings about that perfect moment of relaxation, where you can put down your burdens and let the gentle sounds wash over you.It has a profound effect on both the emotions and the body which quiets the mind, relaxes the muscles and restores balance to your whole being.

Renowned keyboard player Stephan Rhodes uses all his skill to create a picture in our minds of the world where dreams are real, and possibilities are without end. Read More

Massage Vol 2 CD

From £12.99

Artist - Stuart Jones, From the Therapy Room Collection.

Composed with tender care and mindful attention to fully complement a one hour therapy session, this soothing soundtrack will optimise the massage experience for both the practitioner and client.

Delicately arranged and smoothly delivered, this balanced score delivers a calm, serene environment conductive to full relaxation and the release of negative thoughts and disruptive emotions. Read More

On the Wings of an Angel CD

From £12.99

Artist - Katie Cadence

A delightful and calming CD to soothe both body and soul, allowing your mind to drift away to heavenly realms. Here Katie Cadence has taken this theme and transposed the concept into a beautiful piece of music, which has longevity in its quality and use.

The instrumentation, particularly the piano, lends a celestial tone to its harmonic base, allowing your everyday worries and problems to just float away. Angel author Jan de Avalon aids the listener's journey and understanding of this beautiful subject area. Read More

Perfume CD

From £12.99

Artist - Stephen Rhodes

A serene and sensitive composition that gently guides you towards a state of stillness and inner calm with the joy and clarity of relaxation. The music has a timeless, peaceful feel that drifts in the air, delighting the senses with its heavenly, tranquil atmosphere.

The delicate instrumentation and leisurely sustained notes ripple over your mind effortlessly, caressing your mind as your cares float away. Read More

Protected by Angels CD

From £12.99

Artist - Stephen Rhodes

Whether you're an Angel enthusiast or simply looking for the right music to soothe body and soul, this wonderful and uplifting album is simply heavenly.

Effective arrangements of flute, synthesizers, strings, piano and twinkling bells, fused discerningly with orchestral pieces and natural sounds makes for an interesting auditory experience in both tempo and tone. Stephen Rhodes' explores his natural affinity with the Angels theme with the resonating healing harmonies it generates for the listener. Read More


From £12.99

Artist - Llewellyn, MBS series

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy and is a powerful form of hands-on healing which was rediscovered in Japan at the turn of the century.

Reiki Master Tina Allison has compiled an album that is relaxing and ideally timed for Reiki treatments. Llewellyn is a top-selling and famous New Age artist and musician who has produced a wide variety of relaxing, meditative and uplifting albums over the years. Read More

Reiki Attunement

From £12.99

Artist - Philip Permutt

Experienced Reiki Master Philip Permutt has worked closely with popular reiki composer Llewellyn to produce over one hour of beautiful continuous music, specifically for reiki attunements and sacred ceremonies.

This innovative workshop encourages recently attuned healers to develop and practice their Reiki through exercises and guided meditation. It also offers advanced healers a valuable set of meditations to prepare for their treatments and attunements. Read More

Reiki Gold CD

From £12.99

Artist - Llewellyn

Llewellyn's beautiful, soft, gentle and meditative music flows smoothly from track to track and is perfectly suited for Reiki and aromatherapy treatments.

Featuring acoustic guitar, flutes and strings, as well as ethereal synthesizers and voices, the inspired flowing soundscape creates a beautiful healing and relaxing ambience for the home too. Read More

Reiki Healing Touch CD

From £12.99

Arist - Daniel Otsuka
MBS series

With so many albums claiming to provide Reiki music, how do you know where to start? We have searched far and wide to bring you music from the very best artists we could find, and this is just one example. Read More

Touched By Angels CD

From £12.99

Artist - Stuart Jones

This is yet another great album from versatile keyboard artist and composer Stuart Jones, featuring haunting piano, soothing strings, flutes and acoustic guitar.

The memorable and heartfelt melodies have an almost dream-like quality, evoking ethereal journeys into the joyful presence of angels. Read More