Essential Oil Storage Boxes

Essential Oil Storage Boxes

Essential oil Storage Boxes do much more than just keeping things neat and tidy! They extend the shelf life of your precious essential oils by protecting them from the deterioration that can be caused by both sunlight and extreme changes in ambient temperature.

Hand-made by craftsmen, Quinessence Essential oil Storage Boxes are available in a wide range of storage capacities, and every box features brass clasp fittings and wooden dividers to keep the bottles in place.

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Inside all Quinessence essential oil boxes, the internal dividers measure approximately 28 x 28 millimeters and will hold both 5ml and 10ml glass bottles. Our range includes box designs that incorporate the following storage capacities:

  • Essential Oil Box 12 x 5ml or 10ml bottles
  • Essential Oil Box 24 x 5ml or 10ml bottles
  • Essential Oil Box 48 x 5ml or 10ml bottles
  • Starter Kit Box 36 x 5ml or 10ml & 5 x 50ml bottles

These stylish natural Alderwood storage boxes have a satin-varnished finish, and being economically priced, these storage boxes represent excellent value for money.

Storage boxes save you money

One of the first questions commonly asked by newcomers to aromatherapy is, 'What's the best way to look after my oils?' Inevitably, the next question will be, 'And how long will they keep?' This is hardly a surprising question since many aromatherapy books do not cover this important subject adequately, and those that do often contradict each other.

Despite what you may have been told or read, there is no simple rule as to how long your oils will keep before they deteriorate and become unusable. Essential oils and and carrier oils are not like milk or bread which follow a predictable and rapid path toward spoiling.

The complex and varying chemistry of natural essential oils means that the shelf life will be different for every different botanical species of oil. However, one thing that remains consistent is the fact that heat, sunlight and air all have effect on essential oils and carriers. Once deterioration begins, it can not be stopped and is irreversible.

Having spent your hard earned cash on all those wonderful oils, you need to make sure you look after them properly or their therapeutic properties may be lost. Protecting your oils by keeping them safely in an attractive Essential oil Storage Box is a wise investment that will soon pay for itself.

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