Jasmine 5% Dilution

From £6.40

Empowering, harmonising and nourishing. The rich, sweet-floral and slightly fruity aroma of Jasmine can be ultra relaxing and uplifting to the emotional system, and is highly beneficial in skin care treatments. A few drops of Jasmine 5% Dilution added to an unfragranced base cream or lotion brings relief to hot, dry or irritated skin, plus it also acts as a tonic that tones the skin and helps fade blemishes.

Jasmine stimulates the senses and relaxes the body, and is both relaxing and stimulating to the senses, which perhaps justifies its legendary reputation as an aphrodisiac. This oil helps produce a state of calmness and peace which encourages the liberation of sexual hang-ups, thereby allowing sexual energies to be released naturally. Read More

Lotus (Pink) 5% Dilution

From £7.35

Rejuvenating, relaxing and uplifting. In many cultures, the lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of enlightenment, purity, peace and beauty. And thanks to modern extraction techniques we can now enjoy the many benefits of the oil obtained from pink lotus flowers. Pink Lotus Oil brings peace and tranquillity, and when used as an aid to meditation it helps us to achieve a deeper level of understanding.

This dilution of Pink Lotus has an exotic and mystical fragrance than unfolds slowly like the flowers themselves. It is complex, with earthy, spicy and slightly green-medicinal notes that over time are replaced by a soft and honeyed floral heart notes. Its relaxing and spiritually uplifting qualities are perfect for relieving states of negativity, anxiety and stress, and it help revitalize, recharge and restore in a truly holistic way. Read More

Melissa True 5% Dilution

From £5.75

Fortifying, strengthening and stabilising. Also known as Lemon Balm due to its fresh lemon fragrance, this highly regarded essential oil is both relaxing to the body and uplifting to the spirit as it helps to dispel dark moods and negative emotions. The famous 15th century physician Paracelsus referred to this oil as the 'Elixir of Life', - and with good reason!

Today, experienced aromatherapists use Melissa True Essential Oil to strengthen the nervous system because it acts as a nervine tonic. This versatile essential oil restores tissue strength and calms emotional upheaval such as shock, anxiety, anger, fear, hysteria, panic, and stress. It is a very relaxing essential oil that works on both mind and body equally well. Read More

Neroli 5% Dilution

From £5.85

Rejuvenating, relaxing and restoring. Neroli essential oil is obtained from the blossoms of the freshly picked blossoms of the Bitter Orange tree, and it's beautiful sweet citrusy-floral aroma is loved by women and men alike. Like some other floral essential oils such as jasmine and rose, neroli is a completely balanced fragrance all on its own, and is used to form the heart of one of the world’s most enduring perfumes, ‘Eau de Cologne’.

When used in skin care treatments, neroli essential oil has the ability to stimulate new cell growth which makes it invaluable for very dry or mature skin types. when it is used regularly as part of a skin care regimen, neroli can improve the skins natural elasticity, reduces facial thread veins, and works to soften scars and wrinkles. Read More

Rose 5% Dilution

From £5.85

Rejuvenating, relaxing and balancing. Rose is the ultimate feminine oil because it has the perfect fusion of a beautiful aroma combined with a wide range of therapeutic properties for women who use aromatherapy in their lives. The enticing fragrance of this oil is uplifting and balancing to the emotions, which makes it invaluable when treating all types of gynaecological, menstrual cycle and menopausal problems.

During the physical and emotional turmoil experienced during the feminine cycle rose oil is the perfect choice, since it helps to regulate menstruation, eases cramps and balances those wayward negative emotions such as impatient and snappish behaviour! Read More

Rose Otto 5% Dilution

From £9.99

Rejuvenating, relaxing and balancing. Rose otto essential oil is the ultimate in rose oils, delivering the widest range of highly effective, therapeutic properties of all the available types and forms of this oil. The aroma of this precious oil is absolutely divine and is usually the preference of most people, especially professional aromatherapists who use for its broad range of uses.

When used in beauty treatments Rose Otto Essential Oil provides a welcome boost to listless, lifeless skin that needs revitalising, whilst restoring balance to combination skin. This is one of the most effective essential oils for rehydrating flaky, dry, mature or even ageing skin, and during the feminine cycle it is unsurpassed for helping all types of gynaecological, menstrual cycle and menopausal problems. Read More

Sandalwood Indian 5% Dilution

From £5.90

Sandalwood is one of the oldest of all known aromatic materials and has a history that dates back over 4,000 years. Highly revered as a sacred fragrance by many religions around the world such as Buddhism and Brahmanism, its wood has been used to make religious artefacts and incense for a vast range of devotional ceremonies.

Over the past 10 years, demand for the essential oil from India has begun to outstrip supply and now this irreplaceable resource has become rare and therefore, costly. So to ensure you can still enjoy all of its benefits without your purse feeling the pinch, we now offer this precious therapeutic oil as a 5% Dilution in jojoba oil. Read More

Tuberose 5% Dilution

From £8.45

Relaxing, balancing and strengthening. The intoxicating fragrance of Tuberose is sweet, floral and honey-like, with spicy and narcotic undertones. The absolute that has been extracted from this flower is considered by some experts to be the most expensive natural flower oil at the disposal of the perfumer, and literally worth its weight in gold.

Tuberose has anti-spasmodic properties that are used in massage treatments for muscular aches, pains and cramps, and its powerfully relaxing qualities help to release nervous tension and stress. When used in skin care treatments it stimulates the skins micro-circulation, which makes it perfect for rejuvenating and revitalizing a tired, dull, lifeless complexion. Plus it smells divine! Read More

Vanilla 5% Dilution

From £5.55

Balancing, soothing and comforting Vanilla oil has a beautiful warm and creamy aroma that is typical of freshly picked vanilla pods, directly from the vine. The absolute which is extracted from vanilla pods can be difficult to work with unless you have had the necessary training, so this 5% Dilution means that you can enjoy all of the benefits of this great oil without the hassle!

Vanilla brings a welcome comforting effect when you are feeling stressed or hassled with the pressures of life. When it is used in vaporizers or massage treatments it helps to bring a sense of peace and balance to the modern hectic lifestyles we are all subjected to these days. This soothing and comforting oil helps to relax and clear frustration, irritability and feelings of anger. It can also help to balance roller-coaster emotions. Read More

Violet Leaf 5% Dilution

From £6.40

Soothing, comforting and reassuring. The aroma of Violet Leaf Absolute is leafy-green, with a delicate floral aroma, with complex cucumber and tea-like overtones. When the absolute is highly diluted the aroma becomes a little more floral and reminiscent of violets, which is why it is still so highly prized in high class perfumery today. However, please note that this oil is obtained from violet LEAVES and does not smell strongly of violet flowers!

Marguerite Maury referred to the regenerative powers of Violet Leaf Absolute in her groundbreaking book ‘Guide to Aromatherapy’ (1961), stating that the oil re-establishes elasticity in tissues and muscles, and helps release toxins. This makes Violet Leaf indispensible for revitalizing a dry and lifeless complexion, softening wrinkles, and reducing facial thread-veins. It is also an excellent choice for soothing and cooling acne, dermatitis and eczema prone skin. Read More

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In my opinion the market has recently become swamped with low-grade so called 'aromatherapy products' that often cause more problems than they solve, and usually contain unpleasant synthetic aromas and chemicals.

With Quinessence products you smell the difference instantly; I was so amazed with the quality of the Rose 5% Dilution essential oil I could hardly believe it had been diluted at all the smell was so lovely."

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