Anti-Wrinkle Cream Base

From £9.99

Fight the signs of ageing with this revolutionary formulation combining rejuvenating and moisturising oils of Carrot and Rosehip plus highly protective Lady's Thistle and soothing Comfrey botanical extracts. This exclusive formulation combats free-radicals that accelerate the ageing process and helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles. Read More

Hydrating Cream Base

From £8.75

Enriched with Evening Primrose oil to lock in moisture, this light textured cream quenches thirsty skin and promotes a soft and supple complexion. The revitalising properties of Ginseng give a boost to dull, dry skin whilst Comfrey calms and softens a dry, flaky complexion Read More

Night Repair Cream Base

From £8.75

Promote cellular regeneration with this replenishing overnight treatment formulated with collagen-enhancing Centella oil plus phyto-nutrients Ginseng and Comfrey. During sleep, the unique active formula works to repair environmental skin damage and stimulate cell renewal, producing visible improvements to skin quality. Read More

Nourishing Hand Cream Base

From £8.25

An intensive nourishing treatment containing Coconut oil plus conditioning extracts of Primrose and Horse Chestnut to soften and protect hands. This nutrient-rich combination promotes smooth, supple hands whilst providing protection against the environment. Massage over nails and cuticles daily to prevent splits and breaks. Read More

Reflex Cream Base

From £8.30

A rich cream designed to provide long lasting lubrication during your reflexology massage treatments. Augmented with Shea Butter and conditioning Pine Needle and Oak extracts to nourish and soften rough, dry skin. Read More

Shea Butter Cream Base

From £9.50

Super-light in texture, this luxurious cream melts into the skin delivering a full spectrum of skin nutrients including vitamins A and E. Known in Africa as 'women's gold', Shea butter is a natural emollient that improves capillary circulation and protects the skin from environmental pollution. Enriched with Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera, this cream delivers both essential hydration and long lasting protection. Read More

Therapy Cream Base

From £7.99

Make your own personalised aromatherapy skincare products by adding a favourite essential oil or Quinessence Synergy to this unfragranced, hypo-allergenic base cream. This light and non-greasy cream is expertly formulated with skin-soothing Peach Oil and soothing botanical extracts of Arnica, Ginseng and Comfrey to deliver toning, emollient and soothing benefits to your skin. Read More

Vitamin E Cream Base

From £9.50

Vitamin E is a free radical scavenger, and still remains one of the finest natural anti-oxidants to neutralise the effects of free-radicals and environmental aggressions. This light, creamy textured base contains Safflower oil rich in vitamin E plus Aloe Vera to improve elasticity, hydrate and rejuvenate tired skin. Read More

Buy Best Cream Bases Online in the UK From Quinessence

Welcome to Quinessence, your one-stop shop for premium quality cream bases in the UK. Our cream bases are made from pure and natural botanicals, so they are gentle and do not damage your skin. Our selection of cream bases includes anti-wrinkle cream base, hydrating cream base, night repair cream base, nourishing hand cream base, reflex cream base, and other cream bases that cater to different skin types and preferences.

Our face cream bases are highly versatile and tailored to your skin care needs. They effectively hydrate and nourish your skin and enhance its appearance and texture. These cream bases also act as a carrier for other active ingredients, such as essential oils and botanical extracts, allowing them to penetrate the skin more effectively.
Our cream bases are ideal for professional cosmetic formulators and skincare enthusiasts who love caring for their skin. Whether you intend to create custom skincare products for clients or personal use, our cream bases offer a superior foundation to develop high-quality, nourishing, and effective skincare products. At Quinessence, we believe in using only pure and natural ingredients in our cream bases, so we have a strict quality control process to ensure our products are of the highest quality. Shop with us today and experience the benefits of premium cream bases from Quinessence!

Benefits Of Using Quinessence Moisturising Cream Bases

Using Quinessence moisturising cream bases can offer a range of skin benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

• Our anti-wrinkle cream base is formulated to combat free radicals that accelerate the ageing process, and it can soften fine lines and wrinkles on your skin
• Our hydrating cream base is enriched with evening primrose oil, which can help to lock in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth
• Our night repair cream base, containing Centella oil, Ginseng, and Comfrey, can boost cell regeneration and enhance skin quality
• Our hand cream base is enriched with essential nutrients that can promote smooth and supple hands while protecting them from environmental damage
• Our reflex cream base is specially designed to provide extended lubrication during reflexology massage sessions
• Our shea butter cream base can improve capillary circulation, offer essential hydration, and protect your skin from environmental pollution
• Our light and creamy-textured Vitamin A cream base can enhance skin elasticity, provide hydration, and rejuvenate tired skin

Try them out today and enjoy the benefits of our high-quality skincare products!

What our customers say

Testimonial by Lisa Buckley

"I particularly wanted to commend Quinessence on the ingredients in the Carrier Lotions and Creams. I have completed my training to become an aromatherapist and it is of paramount importance when making up creams for home care to be able to reassure my clients of the quality of the ingredients of the creams, let alone the quality assurance of the essential oils themselves. Thanks again."

Jan Pooler, Qualified Aromatherapist, West Midlands