Bamboo Cleansing Cloth

From £7.99

Pamper your skin with this sumptuous, cleansing cloth woven from natural bamboo and cotton. The cloth provides an exfoliating massage for the face and body, helping to boost circulation and improve skin tone. It's perfect for gentle washing and removing cleansing products from the facial area. Read More

Body Mop

From £3.25

Fluffy balls of polythene mesh make a tiny drop of shower gel lather like never before whilst lightly exfoliating the skin. Your skin will be left feeling softer, and your shower gel or body wash will last twice as long.

The integrated mesh hand grips provide a more premium presentation and dispense without the need for conventional hanging cords. Additionally, body mops have many benefits for health, such as getting rid of dead skin cells, boosting blood circulation, and more.

Re-create your blissful spa treatments at home with our body mop. It is perfect for daily use to leave your skin feeling cleansed, soft, and revitalised. Read More

Organic Egyptian Loofah Pad

From £4.95

Use this fantastic loofah pad daily to exfoliate your arms, shoulders, legs and thighs. The action of regular, vigorous massage will help eliminate toxins from the skin and even help prevent the formation of cellulite. Choosing the right products for your daily shower doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Using a loofah pad is a very safe and natural way to exfoliate your skin.

This excellent loofah pad features a 100% cotton terry towelling backing whilst being bias-bound to prevent fraying. Regular use reduces ingrown hairs, smoothes pimply upper arms and dry shoulders. Read More

Foot Smoother

From £3.50

Scrubbing your feet regularly is an essential aspect of a proper foot-care routine. It prevents cracked heels whilst boosting blood circulation. This can result in significant relief for aches and pains, and it is also an excellent stress relief method that can be done from the comfort of your home.

This wooden double-sided wet/dry emery file is excellent for rubbing away hard skin on the feet and ankles. It leaves your heels soft and smooth, and can be used either wet or dry.

Our Foot Smoothers are fitted with a handy hanging cord for air drying after use. For best results, finish off with our soothing and moisturising Cooling Foot Balm Lotion. Read More