Essential Oils To Blend With Clary Sage For Relaxation

Clary sage essential oil for relaxationWhen did you last have some ‘me time’? Yesterday? Last week? Last month?

In this modern, hectic world, it can be hard to find the chance to unwind, meaning most of us are going about our business stressed and tense.

On top of this, after struggling through 8 months of the coronavirus pandemic and everything that it entailed we’re about launch into another 1-month lockdown.

This type of living isn’t good for our health and wellbeing, and when we push our bodies to the limits of exhaustion and stress we put ourselves at risk of blood pressure, heart problems and mental health issues. Consequently, it’s important that we take time out of our busy schedules to relax.

However, this is easier said than done and it can be hard to switch your mind and body off when so much is going on around you. Pure essential oils can really help to get you to a place of relaxation by promoting relaxation, releasing stress, and improving mental clarity.

One of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy for relaxation is clary sage. Research has proven that when inhaled it can tackle the key indicators for stress, such as normalizing high blood pressure, and promoting deep relaxation.

You can vaporise clary sage essential oil as an individual oil, dilute it in hot water for inhalation, add it to a bath, or mix it in a lotion. But since the aroma of this oil is to everyone’s taste, many people choose to blend it with other essential oils to make it more appealing.

The advantage of this is that when blended with the correct oils it can amplify the benefits and make it even more effective. Blending appropriate essential oils together produces what is known as synergy.

Here are some of the best relaxing essential oils that blend well with clary sage to help you really enjoy a state of peace, tranquillity and deep relaxation.

Roman Chamomile

This essential oil is renowned for bringing a sense of calm for people suffering from stress, anxiety, sadness, or loneliness. It is a powerful relaxant that really works well together with clary sage oil therapeutically and fragrance-wise.

Add four drops of Roman chamomile essential oil and three drops of clary sage to a bath and agitate the water to ensure they are dispersed evenly. To ensure total dispersion, add a capful of bath dispersant into the water before popping in the oils. It’s important to remember that when you’re using several essential oils together in a bath, you should never exceed a total of eight drops.


Bergamot essential oil has been recommended for the alleviation of stress for many years. A 2011 study published in Phytotherapy Research showed that in research with rats, bergamot essential oil decreased anxiety and reduced levels of the stress hormone corticosterone. Reducing the level of this hormone is crucial for relaxation, and when bergamot is combined with clary sage oil it creates an effective synergy. The aroma of bergamot is quite soft, so use 2/3rd bergamot to 1/3rd clary sage to create a nice blend.


Whichever method you choose to enjoy this oil, frankincense can help to relax both mind and body whilst uplifting dampened spirits. Frankincense resin has been used as incense since ancient times for meditation due to its calming effect on the mind, and the essential oil has exactly the same relaxing properties.

To release the wonderfully calming effect of frankincense essential oil, add 2 drops to a diffuser together with 1 drop of clary sage oil and breathe in the relaxing aroma. Blending all three of these essential oils together creates a very powerful, relaxing synergy that can ease insomnia, anxiety, stress, and all states of agitation. As a starting point, try a combination of 2 drops each of clary sage, bergamot, and frankincense – but feel free to experiment with your own variations.

These blended oils will work best in a bath or massage, but you can also use them in your aromatherapy diffuser just to inhale the oils. If you have an average-sized room, add six drops of oil (two drops of each type), or if your room is smaller, reduce to just one drop of each oil.

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