About Aromatherapy Lifestyle

The aim of Aromatherapy Lifestyle is to make the art of aromatherapy as easy and understandable as possible, so that everyone can introduce the benefits of this gentle yet powerful healing art into their daily lives.

You will find this site full of articles, health tips and all the latest news from the world of aromatherapy. Since aromatherapy crosses over into other areas of natural medicine and healing, we intend to include lots of those in our articles and resources.

We encourage readers to interact with the authors by leaving a comment, and wherever possible they will reply to your questions and queries about the articles. If you have subjects that you would like to see covered then just let us know and we will do our best to include them too.

Most people agree that when you discover aromatherapy it not only helps improve your general health and wellbeing – it actually becomes a way of life. You quickly become aware of the large number of chemicals you come into contact with every day, and begin to think more about the impact this has on your body and the environment.

Often, your eyes are opened to other ethical issues such as animal testing, conservation, fair trade policies and our precious planet in general. Thankfully, more and more consumers today prefer to buy their every day items from companies who can be seen to produce goods without harm or exploitation of humans, animals or the environment. And quite rightly so.

That’s why to us, aromatherapy is really a lifestyle choice.