Community Guidelines

This site is intended to be an educational resource for all who are interested in using aromatherapy to improve their general health and well-being. We encourage our readers to post comments and feedback to enrich the learning experience for everyone who is a part of this community.

However, we do ask that you play nicely together!

We’re confident that our Community Guidelines will prove to be entirely unnecessary since our readership is composed of intelligent, tolerant people who are here to learn or help others, and not start a flame war.

Having said that, we reserve the right to remove any inappropriate comments that we feel are not in keeping with the spirit of things. When comments are deleted, it will be because they violate one or more of our Community Guidelines.

Repeated violation of the guidelines below will result in the suspension of commenting privileges and membership to this site;-

1. No self-promotion
If you post on this site just to leave a link to your website or promotion without contributing anything to the discussion, your post will be deleted. Comments on this site must be based on learning or sharing information, not self promotion.

2. No commercial promotions
This includes affiliate promotions, the latest get rich schemes, MLM schemes etc.

3. No inappropriate language
We will not allow obscene, profane, racist or sexually explicit language under any circumstances and reserve the right to remove comments that are abusive, hateful, or defame or insult anyone. Personal attacks are not permitted either. We also reserve the right to remove comments that are off-topic or not in English.

4. Don’t be a bully
It is illegal to harass or threaten anyone, and comments that might be construed as such will be deleted and may be made available to the appropriate law enforcement officials.

5. Play nicely
Seriously – don’t be a jerk, troll or general loudmouth. Nobody likes a self-opinionated, inconsiderate loudmouth. We are all here to learn from each other, and although you may not agree with the opinions of another member, please show respect in your comments when offering an alternative viewpoint.