Carrier Oils For Autumn Skin Protection

Protect your skin this autumn with aromatherapy carrier oilsAutumn can be quite a shock to your skin as the temperature rapidly drops and the wet and windy season sets in.

So it is absolutely imperative that your skin receives some extra care and protection now to shield it from the dryness and chapping that can so easily develop over the coming months.

Yet to achieve this, you don’t have to spend a fortune this autumn on all those over-priced brand name skincare products in the shops. You can use the aromatherapy carrier oils that you probably already have at home to care and protect your skin naturally, and save you money!

Face facts

Inexpensive carrier oils can be used on the hands, feet, body, and face to provide highly effective moisturising and skin softening benefits throughout the year. Certain carrier oils offer excellent protection against harsh weather conditions as well. It’s just a shame that many people are reluctant to use carrier oils on their face because they believe that they will make a greasy, oily complexion even worse. However, this is not necessarily the case at all – unless you use too much of course.

Oily skin is usually caused by the over-production of sebum which is the skins natural lubricant, and this overproduction can often be the body’s response to external aggressors. These aggressive assailants may be found in alkaline soaps, or caused by dietary deficiencies, and often the weather which can launch an assault on the defensive layer of your skin, wreaking havoc.

The science bit

On the surface of the skin is a layer called the hydrolipidic film, and this protective layer is vital to the health of your skin. This layer retains moisture and is actually the first line of defence against any invading bacteria. Also known as the acid mantle, this layer consists of water, sebum, and a colony of friendly micro-bacteria that works to protect the skin and maintain the vital moisture your skin needs to remain soft and youthful.

The gentle application and massaging with the correct carrier oils can help to support the natural pH of this crucial layer and bring things back into balance. When it comes to soft and supple skin, the importance of this protective barrier cannot be over-stated, and this is why many carrier oils can be so beneficial for your skin, no matter what its ‘type’.

Some carrier oils contain natural moisturising nutrients that actually resemble or mimic those found in the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, which makes them absolutely invaluable in your daily skincare regimen. Other carrier oils are rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids, including linoleic acid, Omega 6, and natural tocopherols, which also deliver a wide range of skin benefits.

Nourishing and protective carrier oils

Palmitoleic acid is an essential fatty acid found in sebum, and there are very few plant materials that contain this most precious skin-nourishing ingredient. However, several aromatherapy carrier oils do contain this vital skin-nutrient. Cold pressed macadamia oil typically contains a massive 20% of palmitoleic acid, making this an ideal carrier oil to keep your skin protected during the autumn and winter months. Evening primrose, unrefined avocado, moringa and jojoba oils also contain valuable levels of this protective and nourishing constituent, together with many other essential fatty acids that provide deep moisturising and nourishing qualities for your skin.

Another carrier oil that is also rich in palmitoleic, oleic and linoleic acids is moringa oil. This highly emollient oil from Africa has exceptional moisturising and nourishing qualities that are perfect for intensive facial treatments. It is highly nutritious to the skin and similar in composition to olive oil, but much lighter in consistency. Moringa oil is also a powerful natural antioxidant with excellent anti-wrinkle, skin-smoothing properties.

Argan for Autumn!

Argan oil is the very finest choice for autumn and winter skin care, since it’s rich in proteins that normalises the production of sebum, tightens skin, and improves its elasticity. The rich, complex and unique chemical composition of argan oil deeply nourishes the skin, helping to soften wrinkles and protect against the damaging effects of the weather and premature aging. This is why beauty experts refer to it as ‘liquid gold’!

Jojoba oil also protects your skin from the harsh autumn weather and is a surprisingly non-greasy, highly emollient oil that moisturises and conditions without leaving your skin feeling like an oil slick. Other jojoba carrier oil benefits include its ability to unclog blocked pores on the face by dissolving the accumulated debris that collects there.

Rosehip oil is a great overnight treatment because it is a natural antioxidant with excellent emollient properties. Even better, it is also a powerful skin cell regenerator that can help to soften fine lines and wrinkles. Evening primrose and calendula oils are excellent for relieving sensitive, red and irritated skin caused by adverse weather conditions, and can be used alone or added to a lighter carrier oil such as sweet almond or peach.

When to apply protective carrier oils

You can use your carrier oils in the morning or evening, or really at any time that suits you. Only a small amount of oil is required, but you must use it regularly to obtain the maximum results, since it can take up to 30 days for a new layer of skin to grow during cellular renewal. A little and often is the best approach to keeping your skin smooth, soft and radiant when using carrier oils.

After cleansing your skin, gently massage a few drops onto the face and neck area twice a day during the colder, windy weather and your skin will soon show the benefits. Don’t forget your legs need protection too since they are often the first to feel and show the effects of wind and cold.

The rejuvenating carrier oils such as argan, macadamia, rosehip, moringa and jojoba will bring you the most effective results, but every carrier oil has some benefit to offer your skin. Don’t be afraid to blend several carrier oils together such as argan and rosehip for their different – but complementary beautifying properties. For the very best results apply them after your cleansing routine at bedtime as an intensive overnight treatment to help put back what the harsh autumn weather has taken out.

The carrier oils in this article are particularly helpful for the treatment of dry or mature skin that is much more susceptible to the harsh environment of the oncoming seasons. Start using them regularly now, and you will have soft, supple and conditioned skin throughout the autumn, and beyond.

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Did you know?

When you are buying carrier oils make certain they have been cold pressed to preserve their essential therapeutic fatty acids and vitamins.

Commercial 'hot pressing' and solvent extraction methods damage these vital ingredients during the process of manufacture.

Some oils like Avocado, Coconut and Wheatgerm are also available in both a 'refined' and 'unrefined' form, and where you have the choice you should always choose the unrefined oil.

This is because the refining process also removes many of the vitamins and essential fatty acids that are so nourishing to your skin.

Peachy treat!

Moisturizing Peach Kernal Oil

Peach kernal oil is very light in consistency which makes it ideal as a facial treatment oil since it is inexpensive.

If you suffer from dry skin simply massage a few drops into your skin before going to bed to give your face some welcome nutrition and moisture.

Argan fruits

Argan nuts are cold pressed for the carrier oil

Rejuvenating carrier oils such as argan, macadamia, rosehip, moringa and jojoba will bring you the most effective results.

But don’t worry if you don’t have these, every aromatherapy carrier oil has some benefit to offer your skin throughout autumn.

Cleansing Counts!

Cleansing is vital for healthy skin

Regular cleansing and exfoliation is essential to a healthy complexion, but many women tend to skip this important step towards beautiful skin.

After cleansing, follow up with a toner, and finally apply your chosen carrier oil.