Protect Your Skin Against The Autumn Weather

Protecting your skin against the autumn chillThis year, it seems to have taken a little longer for autumn to make its presence felt here in the UK, but it’s definitely here now.

For the last week or so the mornings have been much colder with biting, chilly winds blowing and lots of blustery showers, so its time to start wrapping up well before venturing outdoors.

While the turning of the seasons can still be a wonderful time, it often spells bad news for your skin. The cold winds, frost and rain all serve to dry out the skin and put you at risk of chapping. We wouldn’t dream of going outside in bad weather without appropriate protection in the form of a coat or jumper, so why should our skin be forced to brave it alone?

It’s important as the weather gets colder that we properly look after our skin through a natural, moisture-promoting beauty regime, which will leave you looking radiant all through the season. Central to this should be your aromatherapy carrier oils, as they have a softening and protecting effect that’s perfect for the colder months.

The importance of carrier oils for autumn skin

Certain carrier oils contain ingredients similar to sebum, which is the skin’s natural moisturising agent that contains oleic acid. This is one of the most important fatty acids and is commonly found in triglycerides. By using carrier oils that contain oleic acid, the skin can benefit greatly from their moisturising properties.

Oils that also support the natural pH of the acid mantle are also important. This layer contains friendly micro-bacteria that protect the skin and maintain moisture levels. Fortunately, there are several carrier oils that can help to both protect and nourish your skin.

Which oils should you use?

Argan oil – Often referred to as liquid gold, this amazing carrier oil is filled with flavonoids, polyphenols, carotenoids, ferulic acid, vitamin E, antioxidants and – of course – oleic acid. This powerful combination serves to protect the skin against autumn and winter weather, while improving elasticity and tightening the skin. Put a few drops of argan oil on your fingertips and gently massage onto the face.

Unrefined Avocado oil – This oil penetrates the deeper layers of the skin and is great for protecting against wind burn. It contains a high amount of proteins and unsaturated fats, not to mention omega-3 fatty acids, sterolin and antioxidants. However, you must use unrefined avocado oil and not the refined type since these vitally important skin-loving components will have been removed during the processing to remove the colour and odour. Add up to 20 per cent of unrefined avocado oil to a lighter carrier oil, such as apricot kernel, to create a great facial treatment.

Jojoba oil – Another oil that contains precious oleic acid. Jojoba is a non-greasy emollient that protects skin against the cold and deeply moisturises and conditions. Add 5% of  jojoba oil to a moisturising cream to supercharge it with the essential fatty acids that help prevent dehydration and also promotes elasticity.

Moringa Oil – This amazing oil is rich in oleic and palmitic acids plus vitamins A and C, making it excellent for moisturising and nourishing the skin throughout autumn and winter. Moringa oil is a very stable carrier which is highly nutritious to the skin and similar in composition to olive oil, but much lighter. It is also a powerful natural antioxidant with excellent skin smoothing properties, so use it regularly to keep your skin in perfect condition.

How often should you use your carrier oils?

Use a treatment with carrier oils once daily on your skin during autumn and then increase it to twice daily during the colder winter months. Remember only a small amount of oil is required to ensure skin stays moisturised, but not oily.

Carrier oils can be applied to the skin any time, either morning or evening to suit your beauty regimen. Only a small amount of oil is required, but to obtain the maximum results you need to use it regularly, since it can take around a month for a new layer of skin to grow. The best approach as always, is ‘a little and often’ when it comes to natural skin care.

Try massaging a few drops onto the face and neck morning and night during the windy autumn weather, and you should soon see and feel the benefits. Remember that your legs and arms will need protection too, so don’t be afraid to use your carrier oils as part of your beauty regime on them too.

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