Top 5 Natural Skin Cleansing Oils

Here are the best 5 oils to cleanse your skinCleansing your skin with an aromatherapy carrier oil is a great idea for those of you looking for a more natural way to care for your skin.

Not only do carrier oils help to moisturise and tone the skin thereby improving both its look and feel, they also effectively dissolve dirt and impurities.

You are left with beautiful, silky-soft skin without having to resort to a cocktail of chemicals.

One of the main advantages of using vegetable-based skin cleansing oils for your beauty routine is that they are suitable for all skin types. Some of these natural oils even contain anti-inflammatory agents that effectively reduce redness, aiding those that suffer from acne or eczema. They are also deeply moisturising without being greasy, which really suits dry and sensitive skin.

Another benefit of cleansing your face with oils is that they are also very effective for removing makeup too, including stubborn waterproof mascara. Since it is often waterproof, it is much harder to remove than regular make-up and requires more than just water. This is where using natural oils can be useful for cleansing rather than cleansers with harsh chemicals.

There are plenty of leading-brand skin cleansing oils that have been around for a while now, but they can be very pricey and often contain unwanted additives too. There’s no need to pay these over-the-top prices. If you can’t find a cleansing oil at the right price, here are five popular and effective aromatherapy carrier oils that you can use to dissolve dirt at the same time as re-hydrating and plumping tired skin.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is great for oily, dry, and combination skin as it is the closest oil to our skin’s own natural lubricant, sebum. In use, this oil seems to actively help your skin to regulate how much natural oil it produces. It is also incredibly nourishing, helping to both tone and smooth the skin, and it even helps to unclog blocked pores.

If you suffer from oily skin, jojoba can still help to soften and moisturize without making your skin feel like an oil slick. Providing you don’t slather too much on (a little goes a long way), it is absorbed very quickly and hardly leaves a trace. Jojoba oil is fantastic for dry skin, and its anti-inflammatory qualities helps to soothe red patches whilst moisturizing and softening it.

Whether you plan to use just one, or several oils blended together for your cleansing oil, it is a good idea to include at least 20 percent jojoba oil if at all possible to make the most of its benefits. And finally; because it is extracted from the seeds of the plant, jojoba oil is perfect for those that need a deeply moisturising product but cannot use nut oils. Jojoba is the perfect cleansing oil!

Avocado (Unrefined) oil

This oil is absolutely fantastic for those with dry, sensitive or mature skin, because it penetrates the deeper layers of the epidermis and is highly nourishing. Avocado oil has a rejuvenating action that helps to repair surface damage on the skin, fights the signs of ageing, and helps to restore balance to red and painful areas.

Among the many natural goodies it contains are vitamins A and E, which will also help to smooth and soften the skin, while the oil’s high concentration of fatty acids nourishes deeply. It also contains high levels of antioxidants, which help to prevent damage to the skin by fighting off free radicals. All-in-all avocado oil helps to create gorgeous, supple skin.

When buying Avocado oil always choose the unrefined type since it has not had all the vital nutrients removed during processing to lighten the dark green-brown colour and remove the slightly nutty aroma. Believe me; putting up with the aroma is well worth the effort in the quest for a great complexion.

Unrefined avocado oil is quite rich, so to make it easier to use you can mix it with a lighter carrier oil such as apricot at around a 20% concentration to make it lighter to use.

Apricot kernel oil

Another great oil for dry and sensitive skin is apricot kernel. This oil is one of the mildest available for cleansing the skin, making it a must if you suffer from easily-irritated or sore skin.

As well as being gentle, it is moisturising too, leaving skin wonderfully soft after dealing with any dry patches. While it is nourishing, apricot kernel oil is also one of the very lightest oils so it won’t be too heavy for anyone to use as a skin cleansing oil. It’s light consistency means that as well as being perfect for oil cleansing, you can also use it as a daytime moisturiser for added benefit.

Calendula infused oil

Calendula oil is produced by infusing marigold flowers in a vegetable oil such as sunflower, and it makes a highly versatile skin care product. The healing properties of marigold flowers are legendary, so this oil is the ideal choice for those who have skin problems.

Use it to soothe red, irritated and sensitive skin, or on eczema or psoriasis. It can also help to treat thread veins or broken veins on the face, plus dry and chapped hands that have been subjected to abuse whilst washing-up or gardening. Quinessence calendula oil is infused in sunflower oil which makes it another safe option as an oil cleanser if you have nut allergies.

Hazelnut oil

Containing vitamins A, D and E, another great choice for oily skin is hazelnut oil which has astringent properties which can help to reduce the levels of excess sebum if used regularly. As well as being great at removing makeup and dirt, hazelnut oil also has deeper-penetrating properties than most other carrier oils which is why it’s used in so many high quality skincare products.

Since this oil is quickly absorbed it also acts as a protective barrier that helps your skin retain moisture, keeping it looking soft, healthy and plump. Its astringent action helps to stimulate circulation throughout your skin, which is important for keeping it looking and feeling healthy.

It is also a nice light oil, which means it won’t feel heavy on your skin – ideal if your pores tend to feel a bit clogged. Like most of the others, you can use hazelnut oil on its own as well as mixing it with another carrier oil for cleansing your skin.

How to use skin cleansing oils

All you need is your chosen oil(s), some hot water, and a facecloth. Choose which oil you are going to use, or if you are using a blend prepare it in advance. Run some hot water into the washbasin and immerse your facecloth in it. Rinse your face first, then wring out the excess water and apply the cloth to your face for 30 seconds to open up your pores. Longer is better if you have the patience!

Next, pour a small quantity of oil into the palm of your hand or a cotton pad, and apply gently to your face avoiding the eyes. Massage gently in circles, moving in an upward direction for up to 2 minutes to fully dissolve dirt and makeup. Allow the oil to continue working on your face for 1 more minute.

Finally, use your facecloth to gently remove the oil. After all the oil has been removed rinse your facecloth with some fresh hot water and liquid soap. Follow up with your moisturiser to complete the treatment.

It only takes a little more time than the conventional method when using skin cleansing oils, but the results can be well worth the effort. Try it yourself for a week and see how your skin feels.

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