Aromatherapy Helps Postpartum Depression

Aromatherapy treatments helps relieve postpartum depressionAromatherapists have known for years that treatments with essential oils can help bring relief to many forms depression, and recent research has confirmed that this form of complementary therapy support our convictions, at least for postpartum depression.

This is an encouraging report that will hopefully lead to aromatherapy treatments becoming more widely accepted for this condition in a clinical environment. This report is especially impressive when you consider that the treatments were of a much shorter duration than those in a normal aromatherapy treatment.

One more small step forwards.


Aromatherapy May Benefit Women With Postpartum Depression

Aromatherapy may be an effective complementary treatment for women who have postpartum anxiety and depression, a study reports.

It is common for mothers to feel a mild form of distress that usually occurs a few days to weeks after giving birth. During this time the woman may have feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, irritability and incompetence. A more severe form of the baby blues, called postpartum depression, also can affect new mothers.

In a new study, researchers randomly assigned 28 women to either receive aromatherapy or avoid it for four weeks. The aromatherapy group received an essential oil blend of Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia) and Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) for 15 minute sessions twice weekly over the study period. All participants continued to receive allopathic medical treatment for their postpartum anxiety or depression. The researchers used the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Scale (GADS) during the study to assess subjects’ progress.

The EPDS and GADS scores were significantly better in the aromatherapy group at the end of the study. Any negative side effects associated with the treatment were lacking. The authors concluded that aromatherapy may be both safe and effective for the treatment of postpartum depression. More evidence is needed to confirm these findings.

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