Diffusing Essential Oils

Diffusing essential oilsWhen we talk about the subject of aromatherapy treatments, for most people it usually brings to mind the external application of essential oils such as in a massage treatment to treat aches and pains etc, or perhaps a cream or lotion treatment for a skin condition. And it is quite unusual to see a massage therapist writing about the benefits for diffusing essential oils rather than using them in massage.

In an article published in Massage Today, ‘The Power of Inhalation: Diffusing Essential Oils’, Shellie Enteen, RA, BA, LMBT, looks at precisely this subject and discusses some of the newer ways to diffuse essential oils as part of a treatment, such as by using an ultrasonic diffuser. The article also includes various recipe ideas for blending essential oils to relax, revitalize or treat colds and flu.


The Power of Inhalation: Diffusing Essential Oils

When using essential oils as part of a massage practice, most of the focus goes on properties that can help relieve muscles and joints when applied topically. But the power of inhalation itself is sometimes overlooked, as are other therapeutic uses for essential oils that rely on this method alone.

These methods are useful in certain circumstances, such as:

  • When clients don’t want to add scent to their massage oil.
  • To provide a more subtle influence on the client’s well being.
  • To protect and uplift the session environment for client and therapist.

While the efficacy and route of absorption of essential oils through the skin is a topic filled with speculation, there is no doubt about the instantaneous and powerful affect of inhaling aromatic molecules.

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