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6 Effective Essential Oils For Congestion

Don’t let your blocked sinuses get you down – there are several essential oils that can bring you quick relief at home or when you are outside

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Diffusing Essential Oils

When we talk about the subject of aromatherapy treatments, for most people it usually brings to mind the external application of essential oils such as in a massage treatment to treat aches and pains etc, or perhaps a cream or lotion treatment for a skin condition. And it is quite unusual to see a massage […]

Essential Oils Reduce Anxiety At Dental Practice

Essential oils are being used increasingly within dental practices, but it’s not often that articles are freely available on the subject. The following article highlights a dental hygenists personal experience of using essential oils daily in an ultrasonic diffuser to help reduce anxiety in patients.

Essential Oils For Summer

When I go away on holiday I love to take with me the essential oils that I think will be most useful to me and my family, not to mention sprinkling the oils all over the room when I arrive in that apartment or hotel room!