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How To Use Aromatherapy For The Best Valentine’s Day Ever!

Use your aromatherapy essential oils this Valentine’s Day to make the evening with your partner truly memorable this year . . .

8 Seductive Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day!

This Valentine’s Day, dim the lights and try one of these 8 seductive essential oils in your vaporiser, and discover for yourself the seductive power of aromatherapy . . .

Clove Bud Massage Essential Oil : Stimulating and Versatile Aromatic Oil

Clove bud essential oil is derived from the small reddish-brown, unripe flower buds of the tropical evergreen tree known botanically as Syzygium aromaticum, and in older texts Eugenia caryophyllata. Like all spices, clove has a long and rich history of use in both culinary and medicinal applications, having been put to use first by the […]

Essential Oils For A Summer Detox

Using your essential oils in an aromatherapy summer detox is the easiest and most pleasurable way to cleanse your body of toxins without having to resort to fasting . . .

Carrier Oils – Aromatherapy’s Unsung Heroes

The base oils used in aromatherapy are more commonly known as carrier oils and are fundamental to aromatherapy itself. Not only do they help to dilute essential oils and ‘carry’ them into your body’s systems, but many of them have therapeutic and healing properties that can be used on their own as well. Technically classed […]

Essential Oils For Back Pain

Acute or chronic back problems can make everyday life a misery. Acute pain may be caused by a pulled muscle or problems with tendons, ligaments or bone. Incorrect posture, lack of exercise and/or obesity are factors that can take their toll on the back muscles. Aromatherapy using essential oils can relieve back pain naturally. Many […]

Aromatherapy Massage Relieves Menopause Symptoms

Researchers in Iran recently concluded that aromatherapy massage with essential oils eases the symptoms of menopause, and that even without essential oils, massage offers more relief than doing nothing.

Aromatherapy Massage Can Help Autistic Children

Autism can be a very difficult neurobehavioral disorder for parents to cope with, especially if the child has particularly challenging behaviour. Since this disorder spans a wide range of impairments and symptoms, parents have to learn as many ways as possible to connect and support their child through their daily challenges.

Aromatherapy Massage & Music Relieves Stress

Nurses working in an accident and emergency department reported that their anxiety levels fell dramatically when they were given aromatherapy massages while listening to music, according to research in the September 2007 issue of the UK-based Journal of Clinical Nursing.

Study Shows Massage Can Help Depression

Aromatherapy massage therapy and other techniques used by massage therapists – reiki and acupressure among them – have all been indicated by research to relieve depression in clients. A new report shows depression is a global problem, affecting 121 million people worldwide. Depression can affect a person’s ability to work and form relationships, and can […]