Essential Oils For An Aromatherapy Detox

Essential oils to help you detox without starving!When you are feeling as though your body is operating at less than optimum performance, there is a good chance that you would benefit from a detox.

Modern life makes it almost impossible to avoid the toxins in synthetic air fresheners, aerosol sprays, paints, solvents and other environmental toxins, – not to mention all those preservatives in the food we eat. It’s hardly surprising that we need to detoxify from time to time!

Over the years, our bodies can absorb significant amounts of toxins that slow us down and lead to the onset of a whole host of unwelcome medical conditions. Just like your kitchen sink after pouring all sorts of things down it over a period of time, a blockage can begin to build up so you need to flush your system out.

Many health professionals recommend starting on a path to healthier living through a detoxification program. When done correctly, detoxification is safe and beneficial for our health and many health experts suggest that we should aim to embark upon at least one detoxification program annually.

The science bit

Providing we are in good health and not already suffering from the effects of toxicity, our body transforms, neutralises or eliminates toxins very efficiently. Toxicity only begins to build up in our bodies when we take in more than our body can use or eliminate, or when we are run-down. Modern lifestyles mean that most of us do not take enough exercise, and in combination with stressful lifestyles and unhealthy diet this all contributes to lymphatic congestion and a build-up of toxins.

The lymphatic system consists of a network of tubes that drain excess liquid called ‘lymph’ from your body tissues into your bloodstream. Lymph fluid then travels to lymph nodes where it is cleansed of toxins, bacteria and other waste products before re-entering the bloodstream. Symptoms caused by an accumulation of toxins include gastrointestinal conditions such as constipation and bloating, aches and pains, coughs, fatigue, headaches, catarrh, skin problems and a breakdown in the immune system.

Conventional detox methods

Fasting has always been the traditional way to detoxify the body, but for many busy people these days it is too extreme and simply not practical, since you may feel quite tired during the process and you probably have to go to work. If you are the energetic type then exercising is a great way to start your detox, since it steps up the body’s metabolic rate and lymph and tissue circulation. But again, you may not have enough time to embark on regular work-outs at the gym.

Fortunately, there is an easier way. Aromatherapy provides an effective and less arduous way to detoxifying your body, because essential oils can assist with lymphatic drainage, which as mentioned, is vital for the efficient elimination of toxins. Specific essential oils help cleanse the body by either accelerating lymph and tissue circulation, or by stimulating the circulatory system. All without breaking into a sweat!

Detoxifying Essential Oils

Massage those toxins away

Massage offers the most benefits in an aromatherapy detox routine due to the fantastic beneficial effects that massage has on the body’s circulatory system, together with the cleansing and diuretic action of certain essential oils. Choosing aromatherapy massage treatments to do your detox means that you don’t need to deprive yourself of all your favourite foods too!

Select any 3 of the essential oils from the list in the sidebar, and you will create a potent detox massage blend that will set you on a course towards positive results. To produce a really powerful detoxifying treatment, mix 2 drops of juniper berry, 1 drop of sweet fennel, 1 drop of grapefruit and 1 drop of cypress essential oils into 10mls of carrier oil.

For the very best results apply the massage blend to your back, abdomen and legs to get the essential oils into your system. Why not ask your partner to give you a full body massage, or even just a back massage so you could do the rest of your body yourself?

You should aim to have at least 2 massage treatments each week of your detox regime, and to achieve the maximum results you should also have a bath treatment using a different combination of essential oils on the days between your massage treatments.

Soak those toxins away

Nothing beats a long, luxurious soak in the tub containing pure essential oils – especially if it helps you to detox while you are relaxing. The heat of the water and the essential oils will get your blood moving more quickly, which is not only great for increasing your circulation, but it will also soothe tight muscles and help you to relax more. When you have any aches and pains, soaking in a hot aromatherapy bath will always bring swift relief to them too.

An article published the Journal of Applied Physiology in 2020 proposed that soaking in hot water for 30 minutes was almost as beneficial as exercise. In the article, ‘The Health Benefits of Passive Heating and Aerobic Exercise’, it was reported that there are similarities in the protective effect of passive heating and exercise, with beneficial adaptations reported in cardiorespiratory fitness, vascular function, and metabolism. Now you have even more reasons to enjoy an aromatherapy bath!

This study supports the opinion of aromatherapists who believe the easiest and most enjoyable way to detox is a combination of massage and long, relaxing soaks in a warm bath infused with essential oils. Simply choose 3 or 4 different essential oils than those you used in massage, and use them in a nice hot bath on alternate days to your body massage.

Aromatherapy detox in a bottle

If you prefer your solutions ready-made, try Quinessence luxury Detox Bathsoak containing a purifying blend of the finest organic essential oils including juniper berry, sweet fennel, grapefruit and cypress to help your body flush out those nasty toxins efficiently. To complement these essential oils, this luxurious bath soak also contains detoxifying marine botanicals of Atlantic kelp, algae, Irish moss and seaweed which also help to condition and re-mineralise the skin.

Seaweeds have a wide range of uses and it is only quite recently that it has been discovered just how beneficial these organisms can be for the skin. Many species contain proteins which help to fight premature ageing of the skin by restructuring collagen and regenerating elastin, and this increases the skins suppleness which in turn reduces and softens wrinkles.

Get the most out of your aromatherapy detox by including some form of exercise, and eat cleansing foods such as raw vegetables, steamed vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, juices and filtered water. Foods that you should avoid include meat, milk and yeast products, bread, refined sugar and carbohydrate products which cause an increase in the production of mucous.

Finally, I know you’ve heard it all before, but the single most important and effective detoxifier of all is water, which should be taken during every type of detox program, and continued beyond. Ideally, during your detox regime you should drink up to 10 glasses of water a day to help the body flush out the build-up of toxins.

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