Essential Oils For Summer Holidays

Here are the best essential oils for your holiday . . .Summer is finally upon us, and people are now preparing for their summer holidays in order to finally put behind all the stresses and frustration built up during 2 years of Covid lockdown living.

In fact, for many people, this will be their first holiday since the very first outbreak of the global pandemic back in February 2020. That seems a very long time ago!

But for many of these holiday-starved folks the very prospect of arranging the travel plans or taking a long arduous journey is enough to send their stress levels soaring again!

Fortunately, essential oils can make a holiday the relaxing time it’s really supposed to be for the whole family, with absolutely minimum effort on your part. Just pack a few carefully chosen oils and they will replace a whole arsenal of medicines that you would usually take with you, saving lots of precious space in your suitcase.

Oils essential for holidays

Wherever you are heading, if you plan to take only one essential oil on your travels it should of course be your trusty lavender. Your second choice ideally should be tea tree essential oil since like lavender, a few drops can be used undiluted in case of an emergency. These two lifesavers slip easily into your handbag or pocket and will prove invaluable for all sorts of cuts and scrapes. But what other essential oils should you take with you, ‘just in case’?

Peppermint essential oil is another great all-rounder that you simply must have with you on your travels due to its versatility. For example, if you are prone to travel sickness just put 2 drops each of peppermint and lavender essential oil on a tissue and gently inhale before starting your journey. This will help keep your head clear and soothe both your anxiety and digestive system. If you still suffer from queasiness whilst you are travelling try inhaling 3 drops of ginger oil and 1 of peppermint from a tissue to settle your upset tummy.

Essential travelling oils

If you have long drive ahead of you, a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and cardamon oils creates a great ‘stay-alert’ blend. Put 2 drops of each essential oil on a tissue or cotton-wool ball and place it in the cup holder or suitable place, avoiding the plastic or expensive leather upholstery! Peppermint hydrosol is absolutely perfect for freshening the air and perking up the driver whilst on long journeys – just a few sprays will clear and freshen stale air instantly.

Calming chamomile

Another versatile choice is Roman chamomile essential oil, since it can calm pre-flight nerves for those of you who would prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground. Just place a few drops of oil on a tissue and inhale for a few minutes before take-off, and if that doesn’t do the trick you could use a blend of Roman chamomile, geranium and lavender which smells lovely and really calms the nerves.

If you are travelling on a long flight the chances are that you will be crossing into different time-zones and may suffer from the effects of jet lag. Although you may not feel much like it at the time, the best remedy for jet lag is a nice aromatherapy bath when you arrive at the hotel. If there is no bath available use your oils in the shower or make a footbath. The balancing properties of geranium oil makes it your ideal choice, and if you use ginger, ylang ylang or grapefruit it becomes an even more effective remedy.

Insect repellent essential oils

No matter where you are going, you are almost certainly going to be checked-out by the indigenous insect population. Citronella, lemongrass and eucalyptus lemon essential oils all make excellent insect repellents, especially when blended with a base note oil such as patchouli or cedar atlas, since they are also effective insect repellents and will help the fragrance to last much longer too.

If you still end up being bitten or stung by some determined little bug, one drop of neat lavender oil on the area will bring some comfort whilst helping to speed up the healing. In the case of bee or wasp stings, remove the sting and apply a cold compress of Roman chamomile. Repeat the compress several times until the pain subsides.

If you stay in the sun too long and get burnt, take a cool bath containing 5 drops of lavender essential oil and just 1 drop of peppermint since this will help to soothe and cool your skin down. Make sure that you agitate the water well before getting in since peppermint oil can irritate the skin when not dispersed properly. It’s always best to use an essential oil dispersant to spread the oils evenly on the surface of the water. Nothing calms over-exposure to the sun like Aloe Vera Gel – it is just the most amazing botanical, so be absolutely sure you include that in your travel bag too if you intend to do any serious sunbathing.

To make a soothing after-sun lotion that will keep your skin from drying out, add a few drops of your lavender and geranium essential oils to a carrier lotion or aloe vera gel base, and apply 2 or 3 times daily. Using this type of moisturising lotion will also help to prolong your tan for much, much longer too.

Bon voyage!

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