How To Cope With Unwanted Changes In Your Life

Essential oils can help you deal with unwanted changes in lifeIt seems impossible to avoid change in our lives, no matter how much we would prefer things to remain the same.

Even when these unwanted changes offer us the opportunity to transform our lives, they invariably arrive at the worst possible time, often leaving us dazed and confused.

Modern life moves at a dramatically faster pace than at any previous time in history, so usually the easiest thing to do when presented with unwelcome events is to try and remain in our comfort zone by avoiding change, at all costs.

Perhaps this is because our busy lives are increasingly pre-planned, organised, and monitored by omnipresent hand-held gadgets designed to help our lives run more smoothly. This makes these ‘out of the blue’ events seem all the more difficult to cope with because they just weren’t scheduled in our daily planner. Life can be so cruel . . .

Change brings opportunity

So instead of letting go of the past and moving on to pastures new, we cling on tightly to yesterday, which then limits the possibilities for tomorrow. Remember that being flexible and adapting to unplanned changes in our circumstances helps us grow and develop, even when we have not even made the conscious decision to improve ourselves. Despite the disruption, in the end this is how we learn and become a wiser person.

An old proverb advises us that, ‘Every change brings an opportunity’, and it is true that change can be the route to your dreams and goals rather than a barrier to them. Your perception will help determine whether or not you should turn life’s challenges to your advantage. But one thing is for sure; unwanted change is inevitable, so we should learn how to deal with it effectively.

A changing world

The wise person understands, accepts, and adjusts to the arrival of something new, seeing the challenge for what it really is; growth and development of their whole being, including their soul. Dealing with this is not always easy, and it often causes doubt and negative emotions.

Many people don’t like change and withdraw to hide in a world where they feel safe and secure whilst the world around them continues to change unrelentingly. This is only natural, and we’ve all done this at some time or other. But we should remember that although this new path in life may make us anxious and uncomfortable, it also opens up the door to new experiences and possibilities that were not available in our old circumstances.

Aromatherapy support

In times of change it is always reassuring to hold onto something stable that will remain constant, no matter what happens next. Aromatherapy is one such resource that can be relied on to help us through periods of instability and upheaval in our lives. Essential oils can provide continuity and reassurance while the stormy world of change rages all around you. Aromatherapy can be your support, your anchor.

Your trusty essential oils will be there at all times to help soothe the resentment, anger and despair that so often accompanies unwelcome change. To take the first positive steps towards regaining control of the chaos, you need only choose the appropriate essential oils to ease the negative emotion you are experiencing.

Use your oils in massage, diffusers, or relaxing baths – whatever suits you best. Once balance is restored you can move on, now more experienced and wiser to ultimately attain greater achievements.

Essential oils to combat unwanted change

As individuals, we will all react differently to certain circumstances. But broadly speaking, when confronted with unwanted change we will typically experience one or more of the emotions below.

Here are some of the essential oils that can help you cope with negative emotions associated with unwanted change:-

  • Fear – This is a natural reaction that humans experience whenever they are threatened in any sense, whether physically or emotionally. Although it may not be the obvious emotion that we might experience during times of change, but after the initial shock,  fear often lurks at the back of the mind impeding our progress. At such times, essential oils of cedar atlas, cypress, frankincense, juniper berry, palmarosa, rose and ylang ylang can help allay those irrational fears and aid the transition into a new phase of life.
  • Anger and resentment – After fear, anger or resentment often follows next. Roman chamomile, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, helichrysum, neroli, orange sweet and ylang ylang are soothing and calming essential oils that can be utilized effectively to relieve the outrage that is often felt when unwelcome circumstances intrude into our lives.
  • Frustration – When we really want to change our predicament but can’t right now due to circumstances beyond our control, it often leads to frustration. During such times, bergamot, grapefruit, lavender, orange sweet and yuzu essential oils all help to soothe the irritation and frustration that wells up. Roman chamomile, frankincense and ylang ylang essential oil are also valuable when trying to calm the frustration and impatience we must endure in modern life.
  • Insecurity – After times of great upheaval we may sometimes be left feeling vulnerable and insecure. During this phase, essential oils of bergamot, geranium, jasmine, juniper berry, patchouli, sandalwood, yarrow and vetiver bring stability and strength to those who feel damaged by life’s circumstances and adversities, acting as a ‘grounding’ agent to the weary soul.
  • Regret – After the first raw emotions have been tackled and overcome, a tinge of regret often remains to haunt us with thoughts of, ‘Why didn’t I’ . . . . ‘if only I hadn’t’ . . . Of all the negative emotions, regret often lingers the longest and if not dealt with effectively it can leave emotional scars that remain for life. If you find yourself suffering pangs of regret or despair, try essential oils of grapefruit, helichrysum, lemon, rose, sandalwood, spikenard, yarrow and yuzu to help you dump the emotional baggage.

It’s a fairly safe bet you will never learn to really welcome change, but aromatherapy can help you cope better with it when it unexpectedly arrives. Human beings are quite capable of adapting to a wide variety of circumstances and situations, it’s just that modern life seems to make it harder.

So it’s a good idea to know how to deal with change when it arrives or we may miss a golden opportunity through fear of the unknown. Usually, the only thing that holds us back from greater things in life is our own mental attitude plus the emotional baggage we carry around due to our previous experiences of life.

Allow aromatherapy to be your support and anchor in life, and you may find that change is no longer the disorienting and frightening experience it used to be. It may help you accept the fact unwanted change is simply part of life’s rich plan, and it usually provides an opportunity for you to grow as a human being.

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