5 ‘Natural’ New Year Resolutions For 2022

5 'natural' New Years Resolutions for 2015The New Year is finally upon us and therefore it’s time to start putting the resolutions you’ve chosen for 2022 into action.

For most people, these will often centre around living healthier lifestyles and waving goodbye to the bad habits that we know are not good for our health.

When you stop and think about it though, the common theme with most New Year resolutions is often one of going back to basics and living in a more natural way. Creating a natural healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular as society realises the ethical implications of certain practices that has now become the norm.

As the notion has gained momentum, however, it has evolved to embody more than using natural, sustainable and ethical products: it is about looking after our health, being present in any given moment, and treating our bodies with the respect it deserves.

So what sort of natural New Year’s resolutions should you be making for 2022? Here are five simple suggestions that will set you on the right path to better health.

1. Achieve natural beauty

Natural beauty is all about using high quality skin care products containing organic ingredients, stripping back the excessive makeup, and focusing on creating soft, luminous and healthy skin.

This look is becoming more and more popular and by waving goodbye to your traditional beauty products that dry out the skin and contain harsh chemicals, you’ll see a positive impact in your appearance.

One of the best ways to start this is by adding argan oil to your beauty routine, as this is a fantastic way to get rid of blemishes, smooth the skin, and even take the frizz out of your hair. It is far and away the best intensive night-treatment you can use to improve your complexion and your hair, the natural way.

Argan oil is rich in proteins which strengthen the protein bonding structures, tightening skin and improving elasticity. At the same time it has a regulating effect on sebum, promoting production of this vital substance for dry skin or reducing its secretion with oily skin.

Add 5 drops of argan oil to your hair conditioner and leave it to soak for 5 minutes to straighten out the frizzies, or better still, use it undiluted on your hair for a deep-conditioning effect. There’s a good reason argan is referred to as ‘liquid gold’ by leading beauty experts!

Facial rejuvenation

2. Add some essential oils to your first aid kit

Medicines are vital in the modern world, but they do sometimes have nasty side-effects. And for many conditions it can be better to take a more natural approach to treatments, since certain drugs like antibiotics are a bit like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. They fix the problem, but at the same time kill off your entire body’s immune system leaving you vulnerable to further infections.

So add a few key essential oils to your first aid kit to help treat common ailments, such as bruises, colds, cuts and headaches. A few staple essential oils you should include are roman chamomile, lavender, peppermint and tea tree. These four oils will help with dozens of emergencies due to their great versatility and potency.

3. Appreciate the present

In the modern world it’s easy to become swept away by work pressures, social engagements, and family demands. Therefore, you’re likely to find yourself regularly looking to the future and failing to appreciate the here and now. This means that you can miss out on many things in your life, which may lead to you eventually developing anxiety. In order to be more centred and get back to the present, in 2018 you should make an effort to practice mindful meditation.

This is about focusing on sights, smells, sensations, sounds or tastes rather than worrying and over-thinking things – particularly negative things. Practicing mindfulness stops your mind wandering into the unknown and helps you zone in on what’s happening here and now in the present. There are also music and breathing exercises you can incorporate into your meditation to enhance the experience. Of course, the right essential oils can help too.

4. Be more active

Arguably the most common New Years resolution is to join a gym or take up a sport to get healthier. While this is commendable, keeping this going throughout the year proves very difficult for many people. Instead, why not concentrate on simply being more active every day?

This might include gym sessions or just getting outside more taking a nature walk. Getting out in nature is a grounding experience, and the fresh air is great for the body and skin, as well as for easing stress.

Walking also strengthens bones and muscles, tunes up the cardiovascular system, and clears a negative mind. A recent study shows that walking out in nature significantly lowered depression and perceived stress, and enhanced overall mental well-being with subjects. Try to take more walks and you’ll definitely notice the difference in both your mind and body.

5. Eat organic

A small change that can make a big difference to your health is by eating more organically produced foods. This means getting rid of as many processed foods as well as those grown with chemicals. By eating more natural products it will allow your body to clear itself of the chemicals used to grow and preserve these foods, and your diet will automatically become healthier.

You may want to consider taking up a vegetarian lifestyle, since the benefits of following a plant-based diet can be valuable way beyond simple weight loss goals. According to experts, vegetarians have lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and a lower risk for many diseases including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and hypertension.

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