7 Reasons You Really Should Exercise!

Exercise is vital to good health - here are 7 reasons why . . .As we all know, exercise can be good for your body and overall health. It can help you to stay trim and keep your weight under control, tone muscles, and help to boost your energy as well.

What you may not know is that it can also lead to softer skin, fewer blemishes, and an overall younger, more fresher look.

If you’ve ever wanted to improve your complexion, you now have yet another reason to exercise regularly. All you need to do is take a little bit of time out of your daily schedule to do some form of exercise, and the results will follow. It really is as simple as that.

So if you haven’t already discovered the many health benefits of exercising, here are seven of the very best reasons:-

  • Contributes to fat loss
    It is well proven from scientific research all over the world that physical exercise contributes to weight loss. If you burn more calories than you consume through nutrition, you’ll lose weight. And when you exercise you burn more calories than when you don’t. It’s really simple – the more you exercise, the more weight or fat you’ll lose.The total number of calories you burn is very important along with maintaining the right heart rate.
    The formula for your heart rate is 220 minus your age times 60 for the lower number, then 220 minus you age and times 80 for the upper number. This is also known as fat burning zone. Cardio exercises will also help detoxify the body and help to strengthen the immune system. The muscles will contract and encourage the flow of lymph fluid around your body, which will encourage the immune system to clear away dead cells and bring new ones in.
  • Prevents illness
    The chances of developing several various diseases or illnesses has been proven to decrease fairly dramatically when exercising. These conditions include heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and strokes. Around 4 out of 5 deaths caused by heart disease and cancer are linked to factors that include stress and lack of regular exercise, and we all know that diabetes increases the chance for heart attacks and strokes.
    What this shows, is that many of the risk factors and diseases caused by not exercising are working in conjunction to damage your health. To prevent this from happening, start exercising.Exercising on a regular basis will also reduce the risk of prostate cancer for men, breast and uterine cancer for women, and much more. All of this is scientifically proven, which is just another reason why you should start exercising today.
  • Improves your complexion
    It’s true that regular exercise will nourish the skin all over the body with fresh blood, oxygen, and nutrients. In addition, the increased blood flow and circulation that come with working out will help to draw toxins out of the body and improve the condition of all your vital organs, including the epidermis.
    As we all get older, we start to lose collagen in our skin, which will make us look tired and weary. The right type of physical activity can actually help to promote the growth of collagen in your skin cells, which will plump up your facial skin and make you look younger and more vibrant.
  • Enhances your state of mind
    Everyone knows from the many scientific studies that regular exercising will lead to an increased release of endorphins in the body. These chemicals will fight depression and make you feel happy. The body releases these endorphins within as little 12 minutes into your workout.
    There is another chemical known as serotonin that is increased during and after a workout. The increased levels of serotonin in the central nervous system is associated with feelings of well being and decreased mental depression. The chemical can also help you sleep better at night.
  • Increases stamina
    One of the best results from exercising is you’ll have much more energy and you’ll notice that your overall mood is improved. And because exercising regularly gives you more energy you’ll become more productive at both home and at work. Exercising can help give your new goals a sense of purpose and give you something to focus on and aim for.
    This can help you increase your persistence and prevent you from going off track while you aim for your goal. You will have experienced that you can stretch beyond your own limits and you know that you can do more than you ever thought possible.
  • Improves existing illnesses
    Lots of minor and severe illnesses can be improved or even cured through regular exercise, including some of those listed above. By following a regular plan, you can also decrease HDL cholesterol levels, decrease triglyceride levels, and decrease your blood pressure as well.
  • Combats stress
    If nothing else will bolster your goal to exercise, think of it as the very best natural stress reliever, which it really is! So try taking a series of classes to learn the basic yoga movements and postures since this is a great way to relieve stress while getting fit. This ancient practice involves the mind and body so completely that you will relax, stretch and develop flexibility all at the same time.

You can get DVDs and books to help you with the moves at home. Rather than doing this on a sporadic basis, schedule a yoga class for once or twice a week and pre-pay for it. That will motivate you to get out of the house or the office and get into an environment better suited for enjoying the relaxing effects of practicing yoga.

If you truly care about your health, don’t hesitate any longer and make the decision right now to begin exercising. You can either exercise at home or go and join a gym since there are lots of different ways that you can enjoy exercising, all you have to do is select exercises that you would enjoy.

Even though you may think your schedule is simply too busy to maintain a schedule for working out, you’ll find that adding exercise will actually help you become more efficient with your time. You’ll find you have a lot more energy in your normal everyday life, so you can think of exercise as charging the batteries that will power your life.

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