How To Revitalise Tired Skin With An Aromatherapy Serum

The aromatherapy secrets to reviving tired skinYou probably already know that skin is the largest organ of the body, but did you know that it can also reflect the state of your general health? Unfortunately, this can be true!

During winter and early spring weather we can often become tired and lethargic, as our bodies constantly re-adjust to the varying daylight hours and weather of the season.

As a result, we may have stopped following our regular daily routines such as getting enough fresh air and exercising, maintaining a healthy diet (without all the comfort foods), and keeping up with our usual skincare regime. If you fail to stay on track with any of these, you can expect to see the results reflected in the condition of your skin. It looks dull and lifeless – you’ve got tired skin!

After passing the age of 30, cleansing and feeding your skin every day with the vital nutrients it needs to flourish becomes an absolute necessity if you want to keep that soft, youthful glow. Fail to do this and the result will be shown on your face as premature skin-aging begins to take its toll and your skin texture declines. Moral of the story? Make sure you take action quickly to avoid tired skin and prevent this disaster ever taking place.

Wake-up call for tired skin

Even though it is now spring it’s still quite cold here in the U.K., and skin loses some of its radiance due to the chilly weather shrinking the blood vessels in your body that carry oxygen and vital nutrients to cells in important places – like your face! This lack of nutrition can cause your skin to look dry, dull and tired, so the first thing to do to improve matters is to waken those sleepy skin-cells.

A good way to encourage skin cells to regenerate more quickly is to apply a nutritious facial serum directly after your skin cleansing routine, and just before applying your daily moisturiser or night cream. The simple action of gently massaging the serum on to your face will wake up your sluggish circulation, and the essential oils will help improve tone and elasticity.

Super-charged facial serum

The good news is that you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on leading brand serums to get great results either. In fact, making up your own, high-powered, aromatherapy facial serum is more cost effective and also more beneficial for your skin because you can use precisely the right essential oils at the correct concentration to suit your complexion. You may be surprised to learn that many of those hugely expensive brands don’t contain enough of the active ingredients to really make any truly significant improvements to your skin.

Here are five of the best essential oils to restore weather-beaten, tired skin when making your personal, super-charged facial serum;-

  • Rose – Rose otto essential oil and rose absolute have outstanding emollient, softening, and hydrating properties that helps plump-out skin cells. The perfect oils for waking tired skin and holding back the hands of time – plus they both smell gorgeous too!
  • Frankincense – The renowned rejuvenating powers of frankincense essential oil are legendary, and it is particularly effective for restoring a beautiful, luminous complexion after the harsh weather. Blend this oil with rose and you have an unbeatable elixir for regaining youthful skin.
  • Neroli – Another exceptional essential oil that encourages the growth of new healthy skin cells. Neroli essential oil also improves skins elasticity, reduces redness or facial thread veins, and softens scars and wrinkles.
  • Geranium – This oil has a balancing effect that normalizes the sebum levels of dry or oily skin which has often been made worse by the chilly weather and central heating. This makes geranium essential oil perfect for those who have a combination skin-type or problematic T zone.
  • Sandalwood – If your skin is feeling dry, flaky and lifeless due to a loss of moisture, then sandalwood essential oil could be the perfect choice to reverse the effect of the winter weather. Its hydrating and softening action re-awakens tired skin and helps to promote a healthy glowing complexion full of vitality.

How to make an aromatherapy facial serum

A fantastic carrier oil for making your own skin-enhancing facial skin serum is rosehip oil. Clinical trials in Chile have proven it assists with skin cell regeneration, softens skin, and helps to reduce scars and wrinkles. When you add the correct essential oils to this exceptional, rejuvenating aromatherapy carrier base, you will have the perfect aromatherapy tonic for young-looking, beautiful skin, full of vitality and radiance. Other great carrier oils to use to make your own facial serum includes argan, jojoba, macadamia and moringa.

You only need to add a total of 2 drops of essential oil to 10mls of your chosen carrier oil, mix well, and apply a small amount morning and evening right after cleansing, and before applying your usual moisturiser. Very little serum is required at each application, and be sure to gently massage it into the skin before applying your regular moisturiser. If you decide to use 2 essential oils from the list you only need 1 drop of each to make up your maximum total of 2 drops to 10mls of carrier.

Revitalise your tired skin

Spring is well underway so you really should get your skin care routine back on track now and revitalise your sleepy complexion. When you make your own aromatherapy facial serums with the correct oils they are easily absorbed by the skin, and will quickly carry the all-important essential fatty acids and nutrients down to a cellular level. The essential oils above all help to increase skin cell regeneration, stimulate micro-circulation, and encourage cells in the dermis to retain more moisture. All of this works to revitalise tired skin in a way that even high street leading-brand products can’t compete with.

So, awaken your skin from its cold-weather sleep, and turn back the hands of time with these simple tips to create your own, high-powered facial serum. As an added bonus, the beautiful aroma of your personal facial treatment will also uplift your senses too with its aroma-therapeutic action.

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