5 Popular Herbal Remedies

Here are five popular herbs that can be used in either their natural state, or as herbal nutrition supplements to care for you health

Secrets Of Ancient Chinese Herbal Remedy Discovered

For roughly two thousand years, Chinese herbalists have treated Malaria using a root extract, commonly known as Chang Shan, from a type of hydrangea that grows in Tibet and Nepal. More recent studies suggest that halofuginone, a compound derived from this extract’s bioactive ingredient, could be used to treat many autoimmune disorders as well. Now, […]

Lemongrass Eases Muscle Cramps

Since the beginning of medicine, people have looked for a way to ease the pain and discomfort of a variety of ailments. Over time, some herbs have been found to be highly effective as natural remedies, and lemon grass is one that is known to alleviate the pain felt as a result of muscle cramps. […]

The Essence of Provence

Provence begins in the southern French Alps, and in the département called Alpes de Haute Provence there is an enormous difference between the north and south. In a tormented, rocky landscape crossed by the Durance River, its life-giving backbone, the climate changes from mountain to Mediterranean. The diversity allows the region to grow a wide […]

The Most Powerful Dried Herb On Your Spice Rack?

The curative properties of clove and its essential oil are legendary. Not only does it have the highest antioxidant value of any spice, its multiple range of uses are exemplary. This unopened flower bud of a tropical tree, native of Indonesia, is also offered to local deities. When fresh, the clove is pink and turns […]

Healing Herbs In The News Again

More Americans are turning to herbs than ever before, demonstrating a greater interest in natural remedies and self health care. According to several sources including SPINS data, Nutrition Business Journal and Symphony IRL, 2010 sales of herbal remedies crept up 3.3 percent over sales in 2009. HerbalGram, the Journal of the American Botanical Council, reported […]

Do Ginger And Feverfew Ease Migraines?

Migraine sufferers treated with a homeopathic preparation of ginger and the herb feverfew may find some pain relief, according to a preliminary study . . .

Top 10 Most Popular Herbal Remedies

There are many reasons that people have turned to herbal and homeopathic remedies over the years. Whether it is because they cannot afford medical insurance, or they’ve grown to distrust traditional Western medicine through the years, or simply that they wish to use the healthiest and most natural ways to care for themselves, the masses […]

How To Create A Scented Garden

A garden without perfume is like a garden without soul. Read our 12 essential tips for creating a space that’s as beautiful as it is fragrant. Here’s how to create a scented garden;- 1. H is for herbs Herbs are the stars of the scented garden. Essentials include rosemary (sow from a pot grown plant […]