Aromatherapy Lexicon

Aromatherapy Lexicon

By Geoff Lyth and Sue Charles

A quick and easy guide for beginners and therapists alike to ensure a safe and effective way of choosing the correct essential oils, and providing several methods of use for 51 physical and 30 emotional conditions.

To use the Lexicon, you simply turn the dial to point to the physical condition you wish to treat. Then, a wide selection of appropriate essential oils is indicated, together with several appropriate methods of use for each one of them. Emotional conditions are indexed on the inner dials.

The Lexicon also includes a handy index of essential oil properties for easy cross-reference. Aromatherapy is a beautiful ancient healing art that uses nature’s pure essential oils to enhance the beauty and to promote a state of harmony between the Mind, Body and Spirit. This lexicon is ideal for both beginners and intermediate users of essential oils, providing excellent value for money.  

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