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Overcoming Stress-Induced Hair Loss With Aromatherapy

Did you know that if you are suffering from stress-induced hair loss, essential oils can be part of an effective long-term strategy to regain your flowing locks . . .

Five ‘Natural’ New Year Resolutions For 2018

Here are five easy and ‘natural’ New Year resolutions for 2018 that will help to improve your health and wellbeing. Going back to basics and living in a more natural way is the key . . .

Western Medicine Now Using Methods From The East

After decades of debate, Western medicine has finally begun to acknowledge the benefits ofincorporating the traditional – and highly successful methods used in the East.

Essential Oils For The Menopause

Menopause can be a difficult time for many women, but did you know there are lots of essential oils used in aromatherapy to help you through this transition in your life . . .

Flying High With Aromatherapy

If you’re looking forward to a holiday but dread the stress and hassle of flying, just try our simple aromatherapy tips and recipes and you’ll be flying high through it all . . .

Diffusing Essential Oils

When we talk about the subject of aromatherapy treatments, for most people it usually brings to mind the external application of essential oils such as in a massage treatment to treat aches and pains etc, or perhaps a cream or lotion treatment for a skin condition. And it is quite unusual to see a massage […]

Why Essential Oils Heal And Drugs Don’t

It’s always good to get credible support expounding the remarkable healing qualities of essential oils, especially when it comes from the medical profession. In an excerpt from his book ‘The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple’, Dr David Stewart Ph.D. explains why he believes using essential oils is preferable to pharmaceutical drugs.

Essential Oils Reduce Anxiety At Dental Practice

Essential oils are being used increasingly within dental practices, but it’s not often that articles are freely available on the subject. The following article highlights a dental hygenists personal experience of using essential oils daily in an ultrasonic diffuser to help reduce anxiety in patients.

Aromatherapy For Colds

When temperatures drop, cold germs come out of the woodwork. Sure, they’re a part of winter we have to endure, but there’s no reason to be a passive receptor. Judicious use of essential oils can heal, and even help prevent, cold symptoms. So put those germs on alert—aromatherapy is on your team.

Essential Oils For Summer

When I go away on holiday I love to take with me the essential oils that I think will be most useful to me and my family, not to mention sprinkling the oils all over the room when I arrive in that apartment or hotel room!