Anti-Virus Synergy

Anti-Virus Synergy

Ravensara, Tea Tree, Basil and Cedarwood Virginian This pure essential oil Synergy is ideal to use during a chill or the cold season because of the powerful anti-viral and antiseptic properties of these essential oils. This blend of essential oils is warming, soothing and clearing to the nose and throat and can be used in a variety of ways to protect and restore you.

Expertly blended to provide the very best therapeutic results at an affordable price, this anti-virus essential oil blend is highly versatile and can be adapted for use both indoors and out. Add 5 or 6 drops of oil to a hot bath, use it in a vaporiser or diffuser, or simply add a few drops of essential oil to a tissue for instant relief. Adding 2 or 3 drops to a tissue and inhaling regularly while in crowds during the cold season helps offer protection against seasonal viruses.

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Anti-Virus Essential Oil Properites

There is still a high degree of scepticism by the medical community about the ability of essential oils to protect against viruses and bacteria. This is nothing new to the aromatherapy industry, because in 1986 when we first established Quinessence doctors refused to believe that essential oils worked at all!

Thankfully, we now have hundreds of research papers and clinical studies that prove the power of essential oils to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Unsurprisingly, the results of all this research supports exactly what aromatherapists have been saying all these years.

Here are just a few links to some of this research; -

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