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Are you are looking for a really special Christmas present for a friend or loved one? If they are interested in aromatherapy then your search may be over. Right now you can receive a massive 20% off this fantastic Aromatherapy Starter Kit that includes a great selection of the most versatile and useful items you need to enjoy real aromatherapy.

And there's more. To help you create a cheery festive atmosphere in your home this Christmas you will also receive a 5ml bottle of our hugely popular Xmas Blend Mood Enhancer with our complements!

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From £40.99

Christmas is a special time to delight the senses with wonderful fragrances, so we've put together a versatile selection of oils to help you make this your best Christmas ever.

We've included seasonal oils, plus others to revive and refresh you after all those late nights partying! And best of all, we're offering 10% off the usual price - plus a FREE Storage Box to keep them in!

The attractive hand-made Alderwood storage box helps keep your essential oils in perfect condition and protected from the damaging effects of light and heat, thereby prolonging their shelf life. If you are still present hunting, this makes a great Christmas gift! Read More

From £46.99

If you have ever wanted a selection of exotic, floral and fruity essential oils without putting a strain your purse, then this is for you!

And with Christmas rapidly approaching, this fantastic collection of essential oils and a FREE hand-made wooden storage box makes the perfect Yuletide gift too.

This fragrant collection includes 6 of the most popular oils from our Dilution Range together with 6 essential oils that blend perfectly with them – plus we will give you a 12 Space Storage Box worth £18.99 to keep them in – absolutely FREE! Read More

From £46.99

Treat yourself to this comprehensive collection of anti-aging skin care products with a massive 20% off the retail price, and thats not all, you will receive a jar of Nourishing Hand Cream 30ml - absolutely FREE!

From our Award-Winning Aroma-botanicals® range, these luxury skincare creams are a revolutionary step forward in natural skincare, uniting the therapeutic benefits of Organic Essential Oils with the beautifying qualities of botanical extracts. Read More

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Until the end of September you can get a handy 15% OFF the price of this versatile selection of 6 Pure Essential Oils! And that's not all  – you will also receive a FREE hand-made wooden Essential Oil Storage Box worth £12.99 to keep them in!

Compact and versatile, this Home Essentials Kit enables you to create a wide range of antibacterial and antiseptic blends to protect you and your family, and also includes oils to relax, balance and energise everyone during this stressful time.  

The attractive hand-made Alderwood Storage Box will keep your essential oils in perfect condition and protected from the damaging effects of light and heat, thereby prolonging their shelf life. It's even small enough to carry with you when you travel, so that you can enjoy using your essential oils wherever you go. Read More

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It's a fact; whether you like it or not, your face and hands most often reveal your true age. So keep your skin looking and feeling younger than your age with this combination of advanced face and hand creams packed with natural botanicals to deliver extra care and protection to these revealing areas.

We want you to look your best, so when you buy this effective combination of Anti-Wrinkle Cream 50ml and Nourishing Hand Cream 50ml and you will receive - a FREE 30ml jar of our Facial Exfoliator! Read More

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It's holiday season, so if you are heading out on your travels this fantastic Special Offer is sure to help you get the very best from your trip.

We are offering this versatile kit of protecting, relaxing, balancing and bug-repelling essential oils with 15% OFF – plus you will also receive a hand made wooden 6 Space Essential Oil Storage Box worth £11.99 to keep them in - absolutely FREE! Read More

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To ensure you get the very best from the summer sunshine, we've put together a great selection of essential skin care items to cool, protect and moisturise your skin while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Organic Essential Oils and skin-friendly botanicals are expertly blended to create these great hypoallergenic skin care lotions. And best of all - until the end of the month we are offering 20% Discount off our normal price!

Worth over [uk]£29.00[/uk][eu]£35.00[/eu][ww]£35.00[/ww], this month you can save a massive 20% and buy our Summer Skincare Collection online for only [uk]£22.99[/uk] [eu]£28.99[/eu] [ww]£27.75[/ww]- saving you more money to spend during the summer!

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