Sage Essential Oil

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Antibacterial, rejuvenating and stimulating. Sage has been valued as medicinal herb for over 2,000 years, and has been used to treat a wide range of conditions right up to today. Sage Essential Oil has a stimulating action that gets the circulation going, which is why it is so valuable in massage or baths for easing muscular aches and pains and stiff joints after over-exertion.

Sage Essential Oil helps regenerate skin cells, making it useful in skin care treatments for scars, stretch marks and teenage skin, as well as stimulating new hair growth. In massage blends its stimulating properties can be used to maintain the immune system and speed up the removal of toxins and cellulite from the body. It also stimulates the nervous system by increasing the activity of the adrenal cortex, and research has shown it can improve memory and cognition. Read More

Sandalwood Essential Oil Australian

From £10.99

Antiseptic, soothing and relaxing. This particular sandalwood essential oil is obtained from a species found growing in New Caledonia that is closely related to the sandalwood trees native to India. The essential oil distilled from the heartwood has a sweet, rich, warm, woody aroma with balsamic and slightly smoky undertones that makes it an ideal substitute to the much more costly Indian sandalwood. Not only is it more cost effective, but it also has the added benefit that it is from sustainable sources.

Used since ancient times as an aid to meditation, it will come as no surprise that sandalwood essential oils have a powerful relaxant effect that also helps increase focus and clarity. This makes it ideal for soothing stress and anxiousness, and really helps you get a good night’s sleep. Sandalwood oil also has soothing properties that make it a great choice to bring relief to dry coughs. Read More

Sandalwood Essential Oil Indian

From £16.60

Antiseptic, soothing and relaxing. Highly prized since ancient times, East Indian Sandalwood Essential Oil has no equal, despite there now being more alternative sources than ever for the discerning aromatherapist. This divine essential oil has a rich, soft and creamy, sweet woody aroma with balsamic overtones that are unique to East Indian sandalwood. Now quite rare due to export restrictions it is still quite simply, the ultimate base note for blends, and totally unique in the world of aromatics.

Sandalwood Essential Oil is the perfect moisturising oil for all types of skin, and is especially nourishing to dry, flaky or mature skin, yet it can also rebalance over-oily skin due to its natural astringent action. The anti-aging properties of Sandalwood Oil are legendary, which is why it has been used in skin care for over a thousand years to reduce blemishes, scars and stretch marks. Its cooling properties help reduce itching and soothes red and irritated skin, and its antiseptic properties help to keep skin clear. Read More

Spearmint Essential Oil

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Antimicrobial, cooling and reviving. Spearmint Essential Oil shares some of the therapeutic properties of peppermint, and has its own unique properties too. It has the additional benefit of containing less menthol which gives it a softer, warmer, sweet minty fragrance that some people prefer. Distilled from the leaves of the herb, this oil is very clearing, making it a good inhalant oil that is particularly good for reviving mental fatigue and improving focus without being over-stimulating.

In massage blends the cooling effects of Spearmint Essential Oil can be used to soothe nausea, flatulence, and tummy upsets, or to ease aching muscles and joints after sports or a physically demanding day. Inhaled from a tissue it can be used to clear the head and dispel negative emotions. Read More

Spikenard Essential Oil

From £16.20

Strengthening, rejuvenating and unifying. Spikenard essential oil helps to rejuvenate dull, dry, and mature skin, and is used to prevent the premature ageing of skin. It calms and soothes red, itchy, problem skin conditions, encourages hair growth, and also combats dandruff. Combine spikenard with tea tree oil for best results when treating dandruff.

Known in Ayurvedic medicine as Jatamansi oil, Spikenard is an effective essential oil to relax states of agitation and to help regulate the nervous system. In common with frankincense and myrrh, spikenard essential oil promotes a state of peace and tranquillity and helps to soothe a troubled heart. Read More

Tagetes Essential Oil

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Antifungal, cleansing and soothing. Sometimes known as African or Mexican marigold, Tagetes Essential Oil has entirely different therapeutic properties to true marigold (Calendula officinalis) and should never be considered the same. Distilled from the flowers, this essential oil has a distinct sweet, herbaceous fragrance with fruity overtones which are extremely useful for adding fruity notes to essential oil blends.

Tagetes Essential Oil has a powerful antifungal and antibacterial oil action making it highly effective in caring for the feet. When added to carrier lotion base its therapeutic benefits are highly recommended for the treatment of calluses and corns etc. Tagetes oil is a powerful one that should be used in a low concentration on areas other than the feet. Read More

Tea Tree Essential Oil

From £5.30

Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Amazingly, Tea Tree Essential Oil is one of the few natural medicines that is active against all three categories of infectious organisms:- bacteria, viruses and fungi. In addition to providing a high level of protection against invading microorganisms, it is also a very powerful stimulant that encourages the body respond quickly to invading bacteria. This, together with its versatility and safety makes it one of the most useful essential oils in an emergency.

With a distinct fresh, spicy-medicinal aroma, tea tree stands as possibly the most intensely researched essential oil in the world today, and its vast range of therapeutic properties have certainly been put to good use over recent years. Tea Tree Essential Oil has found its way into natural health products of every description, as well as a vast range of skin and hair care products. Read More

Tea Tree Essential Oil - Certified Organic

From £6.20

Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. The fragrance of this Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil is a little more complex than the conventionally cultivated variety, with more herbaceous and woody notes, and slightly less harsh, camphoraceous overtones. Inhaling the oil directly from a tissue helps keep airways clear, and one drop neat in an emergency delivers a soothing effect on insect bites and cuts etc.

Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil is effectivegainst bacteria, viruses and fungi, and there are very few natural substances in the world that can claim to active against all three of these categories of infectious organisms. It is also an effective stimulant, so all of this in combination with the fact that it is gentle on the skin explains why tea tree oil is so versatile, effective and popular. If you only ever intend to invest in just one essential oil for emergencies, you should make it this one. Read More

Thyme Red Essential Oil (thymol c.t.)

From £7.50

Antimicrobial, antiseptic and stimulating. Red Thyme essential oil is incredibly powerful antimicrobial, and is distilled from the herb Thymus vulgaris. Thymol is one of several different thyme chemotypes that are used by aromatherapists to treat a wide range of conditions. Red Thyme Essential Oil is the strongest type of all the oils obtained from this species and has a wide spectrum of uses.

Red Thyme Essential Oil inhibits all manner of nasty organisms and is a circulatory stimulant, which makes it ideal in aromatherapy massage blends to combat fatigue, and increase the mobility of stiff muscless and ease muscular aches and cramps after vigorous exercise. A few drops of red Thyme essential oil in a diffuser or on a tissue can be inhaled to keep airways clear with the added benefit that it purifies the air. Read More

Thyme Sweet Essential Oil (linalool c.t.) - Certified Organic

From £8.99

Antimicrobial, restorative and strengthening. With its sweet, herbaceous and slightly green aroma, our Organic Sweet Thyme Essential Oil has more of a gentle restorative action than other thyme chemotypes. It still has strong antibacterial properties, but not as pronounced as those found in the red and white thyme essential oils, making sweet thyme the preferable choice for use with children and the elderly.

Organic Sweet Thyme Essential Oil has a restorative action that gives you a boost and helps you get back on your feet after illness. Read More

Thyme White Essential Oil (thymol c.t.)

From £5.15

Antimicrobial, antiseptic and stimulating. Thyme White is a powerfully antimicrobial essential oil with a strong camphoraceous and herbaceous aroma that smells powerfully aromatic. It is a circulatory stimulant that is excellent in aromatherapy massage blends to ease muscle cramps and aches after exercise. It increases the mobility of tired, stiff joints and combat fatigue after a physical workout.

White Thyme Essential Oil is an ideal winter essential oil, and a few drops of this oil on a tissue or in a diffuser or can be inhaled with the added benefit that it purifies the air in your home.  Read More

Valerian Essential Oil

From £8.99

Balancing, relaxing and soothing.. During the medieval period in England, the herb Valerian was known as ‘all heal’ because of the wide range of physical and emotional conditions it was recommended for. Due to its musky and earthy fragrance, in modern times we find that Valerian Essential Oil is rarely used alone and usually blended with other oils that have a more pleasant fragrance to mask its pungent aroma.

That said, Valerian Essential Oil can often bring results where other oils have failed. It has an affinity with the central nervous system and was used during the First and Second World Wars in treatments for shell shock and nervous stress. Its powerful relaxing properties make it an excellent choice to subdue over-excitability and restlessness, as well as to help get a good nights sleep. Read More

Vetiver Essential Oil

From £7.85

Balancing, relaxing and restoring. In India, Vetiver Essential Oil is known as the ‘Oil of Tranquility’ due to its deeply relaxing effects on the nervous system. Interestingly, this essential oil also has a profound strengthening and restorative action on both body and mind. It strengthens connective tissue, maintains the immune system, and brings balance to turbulent emotional conditions.

This action makes Vetiver Essential Oil ideally suited for balancing and stabilizing a wide range of conditions associated with the menopause and PMS, as well as having a grounding and calming effect on emotional conditions such as restlessness, agitation and oversensitivity. It’s the ideal restorative after long stressful periods and burn-out too. Read More

Yarrow Essential Oil (chamazulene c.t.)

From £10.15

Antimicrobial, soothing and relaxing. Yarrow Essential Oil is obtained from the flowers of Achilea millefolium, and there are numerous chemotypes of yarrow oil available to the aromatherapy market. The essential oil we supply is the chamazulene chemotype, and it has a sweet, herbaceous aroma with woody undertones. This essential oil is very dark blue in colour, making it very similar to German chamomile in both colour and aroma.

From the same botanical family as chamomile (Asteraceae), Yarrow Essential Oil has many of the same therapeutic properties as German chamomile and has a powerfully soothing action. This makes it ideal in aromatherapy massage blends to ease aching muscles after a strenuous day. It is also valuable easing PMS and menopause related issues. Read More

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil (Grade 1)

From £6.95

Antibacterial, balancing and relaxing. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is distilled from the fragrant flowers of Cananga odorata, which is a tree originally native to South-East Asia but now grown in Comores and Madagascar for the production of oil. The name means ‘flower of flowers’, and the aroma of this irreplaceable oil is sweet and exotic with a hint of spice, and is powerfully floral. It is a complete fragrance within itself. Quinessence supplies Ylang ylang Grade 1 essential oil, all other grades except 'extra' and 'complete' are inferior in quality.

Ylang Essential Oil is valuable for both oily and dry skin types due to its balancing and soothing properties, and these qualities can be used in both skin care and hair care. In Victorian times ylang oil was the main ingredient in a hugely popular hair conditioning product known as Macassar Oil which even claimed to cure baldness! Added to a hair shampoo or conditioner base ylang oil acts as a tonic to the scalp, soothes dandruff, and produces soft and shiny hair. Read More

Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil

From £9.10

Antibacterial, balancing and relaxing. Normally reserved for the world of high-class perfumery, Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil is considered by experts to have a fragrance that is superior to all the other grades of this oil. This is achieved by ‘fractional distillation’ whereby the distillation process is interrupted at various stages to draw off oil which is then graded according to its specific gravity. Ylang extra is the first and highest grade of oil obtained with this process, and it contains more esters which give the floral aroma a slightly fruity character.

Due to its higher ester content, Ylang Extra Essential Oil is considered by many aromatherapists to be more therapeutically active, and especially more relaxing and soothing. This makes it an ideal addition to aromatherapy bath and massage blends for easing stress, soothing anger and agitation. In theory, this makes Ylang Extra essential oil the most potent aphrodisiac of all the ylang oils. Read More

Ylang Complete Essential Oil - Certified Organic

From £8.10

Antibacterial, balancing and relaxing. The ultimate in ylang oils, this premium quality organic Ylang Complete Essential Oil is exactly as described, and has not been fractionated into different grades and is therefore natural and ‘complete’. Many so-called ylang complete oils are really an undetermined mixture of grades ‘extra’, 1, 2 and 3. This is because there is little demand for a complete oil from the perfumery industry, who have historically dictated and dominated ylang oil production.

Over recent years, demand has grown for an organic ylang oil that is distilled continuously in the traditional way, without interruption (fractionation) for separate grades of oil. Grown and distilled in Madagascar, our organic Ylang Complete Essential Oil has a fragrance that is warm, full and floral with a hint of spice, displaying a richness and depth not present in any other grades of ylang oil. Read More

Yuzu Essential Oil

From £9.60

Antimicrobial, refreshing and uplifting. Yuzu is a citrus fruit thought to originate in China and introduced into Japan around 1,000 years ago. Yuzu Essential Oil is obtained by cold expression of the rind, and its aroma is highly complex and reminiscent of grapefruit and mandarin, with subtle overtones of both bergamot and lime. It has a very dry, tangy quality whilst producing an almost floral note that is captivating and very appealing.

The therapeutic properties of Yuzu Essential Oil are very similar to those of bergamot, and it excels when used with cases of stress and burn-out where it imparts a stabilising, strengthening and energising effect. Also in common with bergamot, this oil has a powerful antimicrobial action which makes it useful during the cold season. This accounts for the popularity of the fruits in Japanese folk medicine where they are traditionally used in a hot bath on the day of the winter solstice (Toji) to ward off a range of winter ills. Read More

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With Quinessence products you smell the difference instantly; I was so amazed with the quality of the Rose 5% Dilution essential oil I could hardly believe it had been diluted at all the smell was so lovely."

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