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Rose 5% Dilution

Rejuvenating, relaxing and balancing. Rose is the ultimate feminine oil because it has the perfect fusion of a beautiful aroma combined with a wide range of therapeutic properties for women who use aromatherapy in their lives. The enticing fragrance of this diluting essential oil is uplifting and balancing to emotions, which makes it invaluable when treating different menstrual cycle and menopausal problems.

During the physical and emotional turmoil experienced during the feminine cycle rose oil is a perfect choice, since it helps balance those wayward negative emotions such as a low mood!

Rose is also the perfect anti-aging oil that can be used in cream and lotion bases and carrier oils to make home. Use it to hydrate and soften dry, thirsty skin and to reduce wrinkles. It's natural toning and astringent action helps to strengthen the collagen/elastin network, helping to lift skin and keep it feeling soft and youthful.

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Botanical Name:
Rose damascena
Country of Origin: