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Melissa True 5% Dilution

Fortifying, strengthening and stabilising. Also known as Lemon Balm due to its fresh lemon fragrance, this highly regarded essential oil is both relaxing to the body and uplifting to the spirit as it helps to dispel dark moods and negative emotions. The famous 15th century physician Paracelsus referred to this oil as the 'Elixir of Life', - and with good reason!

Today, experienced aromatherapists use Melissa True Essential Oil to strengthen the nervous system because it acts as a nervine tonic. This versatile essential oil relaxes the body and calms emotional upheaval such as shock, anxiety, anger, fear, hysteria, panic, and stress. It is a very relaxing essential oil that works on both the mind and body equally well.

Melissa True Essential Oil slows the respiration and pulse, helps to lower high blood pressure, and since it is also a tonic it benefits the heart and cardiovascular system as well. In addition to possessing a soothing action it is also an effective antispasmodic. So it can used in massage blends where it's relaxing and soothing action combines together and helps to ease muscle spasms and settle upset digestive systems, making it ideal for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

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Botanical Name:
Melissa officinalis
Country of Origin: