Thyme Red Essential Oil (thymol c.t.)

Thyme Red Essential Oil (thymol c.t.)

Antimicrobial, antiseptic and stimulating. Red Thyme essential oil is incredibly powerful antimicrobial, and is distilled from the herb Thymus vulgaris. Thymol is one of several different thyme chemotypes that are used by aromatherapists to treat a wide range of conditions. Red Thyme Essential Oil is the strongest type of all the oils obtained from this species and has a wide spectrum of uses.

Red Thyme Essential Oil inhibits all manner of nasty organisms and is a circulatory stimulant, which makes it ideal in aromatherapy massage blends to combat fatigue, and increase the mobility of stiff muscless and ease muscular aches and cramps after vigorous exercise. A few drops of red Thyme essential oil in a diffuser or on a tissue can be inhaled to keep airways clear with the added benefit that it purifies the air.

Thyme oil was used in hospitals as a disinfectant and to medicate surgical dressing right up until the First World War, since it is seven times stronger than carbolic acid and protected against a wide range of diseases. 

So because this is such a powerful essential oil, it should never exceed a maximum concentration of 1.5% and avoid mucous membranes or damaged skin. Do not use during pregnancy.

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Botanical Name:
Thymus vulgaris
Country of Origin:
Extraction Method:
Steam distillation
Principal Constituents:
Carvacrol, Thymol, Camphene, Cymene