From £10.99

This versatile double-headed massage tool ingeniously provides an effective dual action strategy for tackling stubborn, unsightly cellulite, whilst also representing fantastic value for money!

Made from natural unvarnished Beech wood, one side of this fabulous tool incorporates rounded wooden nodules that act like tiny fingers set in a soft, cushioned pillow that contours itself to your body to help break down cellulite. Read More

From £10.50

This amazing Lymphatic Massage Brush combines stimulating rubber nodules with pure natural bristles to create a highly effective, lymphatic massage tool.

The rubber nodules create light but firm pressure on the lymphatic vessels to stimulate lymphatic flow and encourage the elimination of toxins, whilst the natural bristles gently exfoliate and remove dead cells from the surface of the skin to give an immediate healthy glow. Read More

From £13.50

If you are one of the millions of people around the world that suffer from the misery of muscular aches, back pain, or tension knots from working at a computer or driving for too long, then we have just the thing for you - The Omni Massage Roller!

This handy personal massager and proven therapeutic tool is small enough to pop into your bag, yet effective enough to roll away stress and tension and ease aches and pains. Using the Omni Massage Roller, you will find it easy to pinpoint problem areas anywhere on the body and simply roll the ball in circular motions. Read More