by Sue Charles

Aromatherapy Skin Care Tips For Summer

Now that lockdown has been lifted it would be nice to get outdoors and enjoy some healing sunshine rays. Except, after the sunniest spring seasons since records began, the sun now seems to have gone into hiding! So until it reappears let’s use this time to get our skin in good condition for when it […]

Life After Lockdown – Time For A Detox!

After 15 weeks of lockdown living it’s time to flush those nasty toxins out of your body. Here’s how to do it the gentle, natural, aromatherapy way . . .

Aromatherapy Relief For The Menopause

For many women, menopause can be a difficult time, full of challenges. When used correctly, essential oils can safely help ease a wide range of its effects . . .

Become An Optimist And Beat Your Stress

Converting from being a pessimist into an optimist has many health benefits as well as being welcomed by family and friends! Aromatherapy can help you through the transition . . .

Essential Oils For Healthy Hair

Discover how to choose the best revitalizing and nourishing essential oils for your hair type so you can have healthy hair in tip-top condition all year round . . .

Essential Oils And Cosmetics: A Match Made In Heaven?

Using essential oils in cosmetics is not only good for your skin, but it makes sense for many other reasons such as encouraging conservation and ethical trading . . .

Carrier Oils – Aromatherapy’s Unsung Heroes

The base oils used in aromatherapy are more commonly known as carrier oils and are fundamental to aromatherapy itself. Not only do they help to dilute essential oils and ‘carry’ them into your body’s systems, but many of them have therapeutic and healing properties that can be used on their own as well. Technically classed […]

Complementary & Alternative Medicine – Can It Help You?

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is increasing in popularity every year, and is being used by an increasing number of people. Could it be helpful for you?

Essential Oils For Cellulite

Essential oils and simple massage at home can really help to fight cellulite and costs much, much less than all those expensive treatments at the beauty salon. Learn how . . .

Beautiful Skin From Within

Beautiful skin does not come from a jar alone – your diet and the performance your body’s internal organs all contribute to the condition of your skin